» After THE END: Teaching and Learning Creative Revision À Download by î Barry Lane This book is a great tool in helping to get students to actually try to revise their writing Great for any teacher.
Barry Lane offers a wealth of ideas to use in the classroom His strategies make the revision part of the writing process seem far less slippery to students A must read for any teacher of writing.
At A Time When The Writing Process Is Sometimes Viewed As A Seven Step Recipe, With Revision One Of Those Steps, Author Barry Lane Inspires Language Arts Teachers To Approach The Subject With Flexibility And Playfulness He Encourages Both Teachers And Students To Enjoy A Sense Of Discovery And Surprise In Their Writing, As Well As To Examine And Explore Their Own Distinct Revising Styles After THE END Revises Our Concept Of Revision, Illustrating It As A Constant Inventive Search For New Possibilities And Divergent Meanings, Rather Than Mere Correction Or What Students Wearily Refer To As Redoing For Students In Upper Elementary To Secondary School And Beyond, And For Every Teacher Looking To Develop A Common Language Of Craft In The Classroom, After THE END Is A Book Of Practical Ideas And Applications That Inspire The Reader To Put It Down And Put It To Use The best book I ve ever read on the teaching of writing Distinguishes between revision and editing and addresses different ways to revise personal writing.
I especially like chapter five about exploding the moment I think this would be an excellent text for a creative writing class.
I m supposed to already have this finished for my class, but I don t see myself coming back to anytime soon The two thirds of it that I have done, I really liked While I don t teach much creative writing, I still found these lessons amazing at breaking down creative writing into manageable pieces It is a great book, its just that I don t teach creative writing much and there are other books I would rather be reading.
So many wonderful ideas are packed into this book Great for novice and veterans teachers.

I love the flexibility and playfulness An awesome book for anyone who is teaching reading Barry Lane walks you through some of the most important aspects of good writing like Exploding the Moment , and gives you a number of ways of presenting the ideas to your students.
This is an amazingly practical book that has tons of lessons on getting kids to revise and see revision as useful The author has a great style and completely agrees with the Writing Workshop philosphy.