[ Read Online Animal Farm & 1984 ò futurism PDF ] by George Orwell ñ You Must read Animal Farm That s the brief version of my review.
Eric Arthur Blair, or George Orwell as the world knows him, is a genius at describing fear, terror, doubt, uncertainty, mischief, evil, and hopelessness The writing is beyond exquisite, even if the topic is morose Such a loss to the world that Mr Orwell died when he was just 46 years old The unwritten works that he never wrote, the works that would have enriched our world and weren t meant to be In Animal Farm, much like 1984, Orwell goes where you just don t want him to go painting a dark grim bleak picture that grows worse by the page, of precisely what happens when the evil minds take over the masses, and scheme lie after lie until the truth is so distorted one can t even trust one s own memory A fantastic allegory to the horrific Russian revolution and the communist party, one that makes you want to open up real history book to remind yourself that yes, this actually happened not to imagery sheep and hens and horses and farm animals in a little work of fiction, this happened to millions of people and this is still happening.
Well, I am so SO so glad I read this book even though it was uncomfortable, disturbing and scary not half as scary as 1984 but scary enough to never forget But I m also glad it s over It was heavy reading and an interesting feeling between loving the writer, loving the writing but resenting the story because it brings to light the ugliest of all ugliness in the world and puts it on the spotlight.
My favorite lines favorite is a funny sort of word to use for lines that make your blood run cold but here goes All animals are equal but some areequal than others , No animal shall drink to excess , Four legs good, two legs better Comrades he cried You do not imagine, I hope, that we pigs are doing this in a spirit of selfishness and privilege Surely comrades, you don t want Jones back now do you The animals wished there were less figures andfood in their bellies And on and on and on This book is a gem, Orwell was a gift, and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to read Animal Farm.
Two classic books in one I read both of these stories years ago and loved them.
This Edition Features George Orwell S Best Known NovelsAnd Animal Farm With An Introduction By Christopher Hitchens In , London Is A Grim City Where Big Brother Is Always Watching You And The Thought Police Can Practically read Your Mind Winston Smith Joins A Secret Revolutionary Organization Called The Brotherhood, Dedicated To The Destruction Of The Party Together With His Beloved Julia, He Hazards His Life In A Deadly Match Against The Powers That Be Animal Farm Is Orwell S Classic Satire Of The Russian Revolution An Account Of The Bold Struggle, Initiated By The Animals, That Transforms Mr Jones S Manor Farm Into Animal Farm A Wholly Democratic Society Built On The Credo That All Animals Are Created Equal But Are They I read Animal Farm once a decade It is a quick read that constantly reminds me that I need to keep the blinders off and not take everything for granted I have a strange desire for bacon for some reason.
It is difficult to rate a novel which is incomplete This version if Animal Farm and 1984 does not contain the full versions of either book Animal Farm has only the first 10 chapters and ends abruptly on page 86 1984 has only the first 3 sections and repeats itself.
This isa sampling of Orwells Classics rather than a complete read If you want to read the full novel Don t purchase this one I love 1984, I love Animal Farm, and I love George Orwell There is so much wisdom and depth to these two stories and there is so much that has been written or said about them, it would be a struggle to review them without subconsciously regurgitating all the good things I ve heard I just feel like both of these stories, and especially 1984 should be read by everyone I believe it helps you appreciate what you got and to question everything you hear I believe they are some of the most thought provoking stories ever written and they re also fun to read, which sometimes isn t the case for a lot of the literary books people tell you that you should read.
I recall once when my friend Winston I actually have a friend named Winston, I m not referring to the protagonist of 1984, had to read 1984 and was kind of down about it because he heard it was just political satire or something and he presumed it would be dull I told him that I really enjoyed it and I assumed he would too And when he was finished with it, he came up to me and told me how when he finished he had tears streaming down his eyes from how much it had touched him and that he loved it.
And, even after having finished it for a 2nd time, I had tears welling up and my heart strings were being tugged and my love for these stories has only grown These are the types of stories that turn people into readers The endings for both of them are probably my two favorite endings of all time and I feel that would be a crime not to mention.
10 10 Two of my favorite books Meant to re read 1984 with the student book club, but it got away from me 1984 was one of my favorite required high school reads my senior year, and I LOVE to teach Animal Farm

There are no replacements for George Orwell, just as there are no replacements for a Bernard Shaw or a Mark Twain he pricked, provoked and badgered lazy minds, delighted those who enjoyed watching an original intelligence at work Time These are Orwell s most famous books Both are dystopian tales of the dangers of a totalitarian government.
Similarities between the books The government knows best.
The intelligentsia seize power.
The naive proletariat are oppressed and kept ignorant.
The government bends or breaks its own rules for its benefit.
The government uses propaganda to keep the proletariat in check.
The government rewrites history to prove that it s correct and that life is better with the government than it was before the government s rise to power.
Both books have pessimistic endings.
Here are my reviews of the books Animal Farm1984The SparkNotes for both books are very good Animal Farm and 1984.
Celebrity Death Match tournament versus Macbeth.
In a galaxy that s this one and today only most people don t realize it because it scrolls on the screen in teeny tiny neon green letters with a sterile surgical instrumental backdrop Or CNN Once upon a time that s today There was a MAN and a Big Brother and they were one and the same What about the sisters You could be big brother, you know People always ask who the MAN is supposed to be You re a man, aren t you Although it has been some time since you were able to get it up I do know you re keeping me down with your accepted level of mediocrity Macbeth was tired after a long day of omitting the thous and thys from the Dougie Howser s Dictionary His wife reported his mouth breathing coworker and he was a shoo in for the promotion of updating each and every one of Shakespeare s plays into a high school comedy for the ABC Big Brother telescreens Why couldn t she let him be well enough alone Why did they have to move up onespot on the assembly line I ve enrolled you into the adopt a brother program To be a Big Brother you must be a brother But that s for perverts It was useless to argue The two minutes of hate was over and it wouldn t do to have a tiff with his wife that couldn t be passed off as mandatory aggression Macbeth did not want to argue with his wife To end it meant doing something.
The girl half of the Macbeth team had assigned herself another job It s not like I m not working for us too, you know I have to hit on that duffer Winston Do you think that I like suggesting power behind the curtain to feeble men who cannot live with themselves as impotence personified Duffer is out of the accepted lingo, as is impotence How about loser Offered the Macbeth with a penis Lady Macbeth wanted Macbeth to think for himself, so long as he was thinking what she wanted him to think Was that too much to ask The use of if you don t already know then I can t tell you worked wonders on the thoughtpolice They were helpless against it If no one knows who Big Brother really is then why can t it be you You is out of the dictionary How about they That s my point Who is they Why can t they be me Macbeth did not understand what his wife was saying He had not the words to understand it He had worked all day to take those words away from himself Work and the telescreen Who had room for anything else Are you a man Macbeth did not know What do I want to be married to this man for I don t know what I want and the thoughtpolice cannot tell me what that is I know that What was that feeling The sense of things that were already bad getting a lot worse It happenedfrequently than anything touching on how to dust off the twenty dollar words no one could afford any after all, they were not on the rations list to describe the other range of experience and emotions Ambition Voided out Don t look to see the man behind the curtain Um, honey, you left the telescreen on, didn t you No, they did Win 1984