[Karen Kingsbury] È Divine [christian-living PDF] Read Online Ì Best Selling Author Karen Kingsbury Weaves Another Dramatic Story Of Tragedy And Redemption Mary Madison Was A Child Of Unspeakable Horrors, A Young Woman Society Wanted To Forget Now A Divine Power Has Set Mary Free To Bring Life Changing Hope And Love To Battered And Abused Women Living In The Shadow Of The Nation S Capital Mary Is Educated And Redeemed, A Powerful Voice In Washington, DC Both To The Politically Elite And To Other Women Like Her But She Also Has A Past That Shamed Polite Society Her Experiences Created In Her Paralyzing Fear, Faithlessness, Addiction, And Promiscuity At The Crossroads Of Her Life, Only One Power Set Mary Free And Gave Her A Lifetime Of Love And Hope A Power That Could Only Be Divine I loved this retelling of the life of Mary Magdalene I normally don t like Karen Kingsbury novels, but I really liked this one and thought it was a very original idea Readers beware, the book does deal with a lot of very mature subject matter content, but it is all in the context of the story and the character development I still enjoyed the story and would recommend it.
Even a few hours after finishing this book, I can t believe I m actually assigning only 1 star to a book written by one of my favorite authors sigh There s just no way around it I refused to quit in the middle because of my personal rule to never leave a book unfinished but my hope for a redeeming conclusion fell flat For years I steered clear of Christian fiction for all the reasons proven by this book cheesy analogies, overnight conversions, and over the top religious conversation I have tremendous respect for Kingsbury as an author, so I will refrain from creating a list of cons that this book offered and merely say this the undertones of the book seemed preachy , the characters were not believable in their rapid, overnight conversions, and the repetition of Jesus is all you need was a tiny bit overstated I am a strong believer and do agree with the previous statement, but the way it was applied seemed naive.
Additionally, I completely dislike the way that the relationship of two adult believers was portrayed though they clearly loved each other, they refrained from starting a relationship getting married because they each committed themselves fully to God s work I do respect those who choose this way of life, and I agree it could be wise for some, but the way it was portrayed in the book seemed to scream Being a worker in God s Kingdom demands singleness I could see this potentially causing great confusion in the life of a new believer.
The one thing Kingsbury did well in this book is tell a horrific story of sexual abuse clearly, but without any graphic details High five to that As for the rest, I think you d enjoy a Baxter series by Kingsbury a lot I planned to read a Karen Kingbury book before I heard her speak I knew she wrote series stories and had no clue where to start I chose to stay in the few titles that were unattached from the sets I chose to read Divine I had no idea what I was getting myself into Now I m thinking that that was a good way to start I made myself read this book I forced myself to finish it Not because the writing was poor, or the story wasn t compelling, but because the truth of this story was hard to hear This book is a retelling of sorts of the often misunderstood story of Mary Magdelene It is a great book If you choose to read it, then you must promise to finish it Pick a quiet spot, make sure you have a large box of tissues, your Bible, and your Grandma s picture or phone number nearby You ll need all of it This book testifies to the awesome power of prayer Not prayer for it s own sake, but the God who hears the prayers and how He works in, around, and through them Praise God and hug your daughters.
There is a paragraph in this book that so aptly describes the message Karen kingsbury so skillfully portrays That is the love of Christ Full and whole, without judgment or reservation Unconditional When you fall, Jesus holds out a hand When you turn away, He stands at the door of your heart, waiting, always waiting.
Karen Kingsbury pulls at my heartstrings every time and this book was no exception Divine was a beautiful story of the power of redemption Mary Madison s story was heart wrenching and emotional, powerful and life changing.
In today s world and all the bad things that are running rampant, there is still hope and redemption to be found and Mary Madison s story not only proves that, but is also altering the lives of others and leading them to freedom.
Absolutely fantastic read Karen Kingsbury brings the story of Mary Magdalene into modern times Not one to shy away from tough topics, the author brings to light the horrible circumstances many people find themselves in addicted to drugs, involved in harmful relationships, forced into prostitution, etc That makes this hard to read at times, but, the overall story is one of God s love and grace Much like the Biblical account of Paul, the moral of the story is If the Lord can forgive these people for all they ve doneHe can forgive you as well.
WOW What an amazing book I did not want to put this book down.
This is a tough book to read, not due to the writing but due to the events in the book Karen Kingsbury is one of my all time favorite authors and this book once again proved why The writing and story drew me in from the start and you feel part of the book, as if you are Emma discussing Mary s story with her.
I delayed reading this book due to the events prostitution, sexual abuse to children and physical abuse to woman It is really difficult issues to deal with, but instead of running from this, Karen embraced this in her book, dealing with this heavy issues in an amazing way This was fiction, but how many woman out there live with this daily I loved the redemption part, and the truth that only Jesus can only set you totally free, which is 100% true.
Reading other reviews, it seems that the redemption conversion part felt not real to some readers I have to disagree with this in my opinion It might have felt like overnight sudden, but God was working with these woman ever since they were born, and using people in their lives to pray for their salvation, and were still working after they got saved For me this was evidence of the miraculous God, who never gives up and wants a relationship with everyone He heals and restores and nothing is impossible for Him I know a lot of people who were on the wrong track drug users and had a overnight conversion In my opinion, if you meet God face to face, you will definitely not be the same But yes, just my personal feelings I also did not understand the story between Nigel and Mary 100%.
I am very glad I finally read this book and would recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary Christian fiction books, especially the redemption power of Christ.
This book is a modern day story of Mary Magdalene Kingsbury mentions this in the intro This one, however, is a fictional story about a brave woman actually it follows the story of two women who has lived through some horrific situations The main character is retelling the story of her life, how she was saved by Jesus I won t give anydetails.
I don t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn t read it yet However, I do have a few things to say Kingsbury does not shy away from the difficult issues in her books.
This one is no exception It is hard to read at times and may get you teary eyed, but it s a powerful story and worth it in the end It really gives the reader insight into the hearts and minds of these two female characters who have truly been broken Rape, prostitution, drugs, suicide, abuse, neglect, kidnapping You will find all of these issues in this book The characters were real Every one of them seemed real I actually found myself at one point reminding myself that this was a work of fiction I found myself getting so caught up in the story, it felt like I was there at some points, I didn t want to feel like I was there, at some points I did But it takes good writing to get me that wrapped up in a story This story is, above all, about love God s love for us Our Christian love for each other Our love for our family It is about broken relationships and about healing relationships It s about family and helping others find their way to Christ and freedom Overall, I loved it I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Christian fiction If you want to read something about forgiveness, redemption, God s wonderful grace, finding Jesus in heart breaking situations, read this wonderful story by an amazing author.
This book starts off with some really strong radical Christian propaganda The author invents a number of statistics that are completely unrealistic about Abstinence only education at a senate hearing and rambles on for an extended period concerning the politics surrounding it While it is just a scene, it is enough to sicken someone who keeps their feet on the ground concerning the education and mental state of the youth today I personally found this scene unnecessary and nearly deleted the book from my Nook before continuing on The book does continue on to tell a very detailed and graphic story about a couple girls and how they came to and overcame a plethora of abusive situations ranging from Child Prostitution, Sexual slavery, and severe domestic violence If you cannot handle a number of graphic situations, this book is not for you.
I also did not agree with how the author puts words into God s mouth by having him speak directly to a number of characters and appearing to a few others While I am often an advocate for artistic licence, I do not find it agreeable to take liberties with what God it saying thinking doing We are merely human and cannot know these things.
All in all, if you like intense books and you enjoy faith fiction you may enjoy this book, just be forwarned about the liberties the author takes.