[ Pdf In the Middle: New Understanding About Writing, Reading, and Learning (Workshop Series) Ç feminist-theory PDF ] by Nancie Atwell Ð The Best Way To Teach Is To Learn Together With The Students One Of The Rare Breed Of Teachers Who Do Know This Is Nancie Atwell The New York Times Reading This Book Can Be Revolutionary Atwell Leads Us To New Understandings Of Teaching And Learning In A Workshop Classroom Voices From The Middle When First Published In , This Seminal Work Was Widely Hailed For Its Honest Examination Of How Teachers Teach, How Students Learn, And The Gap That Lies In Between In Depicting Her Own Classroom Struggles, Nancie Atwell Shook Our Orthodox Assumptions About Skill And Drill Based Curriculums And Became A Pioneer Of Responsive Teaching Now, In The Long Awaited Second Edition, Atwell Reflects On The Next Ten Years Of Her Experience, Rethinks And Clarifies Old Methods, And Demonstrates New, Effective ApproachesThe Second Edition Still Urges Educators To Come Out From Behind Their Own Big Desks To Turn Classrooms Into Workshops Where Students And Teachers Create Curriculums Together But It Also Advocates A Activist Role For Teachers Atwell Writes, I M No Longer Willing To Withhold Suggestions And Directions From My Kids When I Can Help Them Solve A Problem, Do Something They Ve Never Done Before, Produce Stunning Writing, And Ultimately Become Independent Of Me More ThanPercent Of The Material Is New, With Six Brand New Chapters On Genres, Evaluation, And The Teacher As Writer There Are Also Lists Of Several Hundred Minilessons, And Scripts And Examples For Teaching Them New Expectations And Rules For Writing And Reading Workshops Ideas For Teaching Conventions New Systems For Record Keeping Lists Of Essential books For Students And Teachers And Forms For Keeping Track Of Individual Spelling, Skills, Proofreading, Homework, Writing, And ReadingThe Second Edition Of In The Middle Is Written In The Same Engaging Style As Its Predecessor It Reads Like A Story One That Readers Will Be Pleased To Learn Has No End As Atwell Muses, I Know My Students And I Will Continue To Learn And Be Changed I Am Resigned Happily To Be Always Beginning For The Rest Of My Life As A Teacher I could not recommend this bookhighly Any English or elementary teacher should read this book.
What Atwell s The Reading Zone was for my curriculum last year the backbone, soul, elan vital, breath of life, Bible , In The Middle will be for my curriculum this upcoming year I am definitely an Atwell ite.

Nancie Atwell s prose puts me in a state of pure bliss that can only be equated to the magical migration one experiences while playing The Oregon Trail on a green screen Apple II.
The book had a lot of good information I can use on teaching English, but some parts wereuseful than others My review focuses on the information in the text related to teaching writing, event though there is a significant amount of information related to the reading workshop The least helpful part had to be the chapter on evaluation since Atwell s experience, publications, and charter school allow her to evaluate in any way she sees fit without having to answer to public school administration I think the most helpful aspect of the book was the information directly related to running writing workshops, including the mini lesson idea lists, sample scripts, and formative assessment techniques I recently read Donald Murray s Write to Learn and Shoptalk, which were both extremely helpful However, they were primarily about how to write whereas Atwell s is a good mixture of how to become a writer as well as how to use what you know about writing to teach it.