[ Read Online Loretta Lynn: Coal Miner's Daughter ↠´ christianity PDF ] by Loretta Lynn À read this book or i will take you to fist city.
The most saccharine piece of self aggrandizement I haze ever read It s amazing someone in the business is this truly naive.
This autobiography was a solid 4 star, even with the chaotic writing I always like it when autobiographies memoirs biographies feel open and honest, and this one did that And Sissy Spacek did the narration which was a plus for me.
Loretta Lynn was a strong willed woman and had in her mind exactly how she wanted things I think that is why this book felt a little chaotic She wanted this written in a way that would mirror her from her roots to her stardom, including having this written in her Kentucky dialect She is who she is and completely owns that I know her dialect turned some people off, but it felt authentic to me so that didn t bug me.
I enjoyed this and it felt like a little piece of Americana.
It s an easy read If you re interested in the hill billy lifestyle then this is a great book Loretta Lynn was brought up very backwoods Kentucky and it talks about how she became a big country star Also, she s hilarious.
Coal Miner s Daughter is one of those autobiographies that everyone should pick up and read Not because you love Loretta and her music, but because her life story is inspiring Married at 14, and dirt poor for a good part of her young life, Loretta is one of those people who was blessed with luck and talent and a lot of people who love her With the help of her husband Doolittle Mooney Lynn, she rose to be the First Lady Of Country Music The story Loretta weaves with the help of George Vecsey is one of struggle, growth and success What you won t find here are nasty tales Loretta is too much of a lady for that You get her story, the way she would tell it, if you were sitting at the kitchen table with her.
Loretta isn t the most educated woman in show business and the language her reflects that but it also makes her endearing, even though you ll struggle to find the reasoning for her spending all those years with a husband that certainly didn t treat her right But all that aside, Loretta paints a picture of her life that is accurate even if it leaves out the dirt You ll truly enjoy the tales of her younger years during the depression when times were rougher than anyone younger than 50 could imagine, but through it all you see that Loretta is a survivor, even in her 30 s when she deals with illnesses that almost cost her, her life, she is a pillar of strength.
If you are familiar with Loretta s music, the book reads much like her songs The one thing you will take away from this book is that Loretta is a family lovin , spunky woman that s worked damn hard for all that she has, and for that she deserves respect You also get a lot of insight on how some of her songs were written as well as some of the friendships she s had over the year, particularly with Conway Twitty, Dolly Parton and, of course, Patsy Kline.
I picked this book up by chance, I found it when I was cleaning, not knowing a thing about Loretta Lynn, but after finishing the 244 pages I ve come to love this hillbilly mountain girl from Butcher Holler Kentucky, and now when I sit down and listen to her greatest hits album the songs have new meaning to me This book is a fast read and the easy storytelling Loretta gives us draws the reader in This is probably one of the best musical autobiographies I ve ever read and I look forward to reading her follow up memoirs Still Woman Enough.
If you are a fan of musical biographies, this is definitely one to pick up, and even if you don t usually read this genre, Loretta s tale has something for everyone This is definitely a musical must read.
Loretta Lynn was my Dad s favorite country music singer Part of that was because he was also from Kentucky, in fact where he came from was just about 60 miles from Butcher Hollow My Dad was also a son of a coal miner , one of the reasons he related so well to Loretta Lynn I felt like I was sitting down and visiting with Loretta while listening to the audiobook She and my Dad were both from the Appalachian mountains with very similar beliefs and backgrounds, being superstitious was one of those particular beliefs This audiobook was a joy to listen to is all I can say.
Born In Into Abject Poverty, Married At Age Thirteen, And A Grandmother By Age Twenty Nine, Loretta Lynn Went On To Become One Of The Most Prolific And Influential Singers In Modern Country Music The First Woman To Be Named The Country Music Association S Entertainer Of The Year, Lynn Boasts Sixteen Singles, Fifteen Albums, And Sixty Other Hits Including Honky Tonk Girl, Before I M Over You, The Pill, And After The Fire Is Gone Loretta Lynn Coal Miner S Daughter, A Bestseller And The Basis Of The Oscar Winning Film, Is The Intimate, Revealing Story Of Her Journey From Eastern Kentucky To Nashville To Stardom To Legend Told In Her Own Voice, Which Rings As Clear, Natural, And Powerful As The Best Of Her Songs I just saw the 1980 Sissy Spacek film Coal Miner s Daughter if you ve never seen it, you have to, believe me it s worth it , and when I heard that there was a book about the real Loretta Lynn as well, I couldn t wait to read it This book is the true story of a woman who went from a poor but happy childhood in a small coal mining community, to being married at thirteen, having children at a very young age, becoming a grandmother in her twenties and becoming famous as a country music star, under the thumb of her controlling husband But what makes Loretta s story truly stand out is that she goes from a nervous and ignorant hillbilly as her husband calls her, to a confident person able to stand up for herself and be with her family.
Excellently paced memoir, even if some of Loretta s viewpoints are Problematic and Dated as fuck also, her marriage to Doolittle started off skeevy as all hell, regardless of how much she loves him now It was written in the 1970s, so that brings a certain flavor to the reading Most surprising thing learned Shel Silverstein wrote for her borrowed from a friend at work