Õ Sophie's Heart ☆ Download by ¾ Lori Wick After The Tragic Death Of His Wife, Alec Riley Struggles To Put His Life Back Together He And His Three Children Are Lost In Their Grief Until Sophie Walks Unexpectedly Into Their Lives Having Left Her Native Czechoslovakia, Sophie Has Discovered The Land Which Seemed So Bright With Promise Is Far From Her Dream A Highly Educated Woman, Sophie Now Finds Herself Keeping House For Alec And His Family How Can Sophie Find Peace In Her New Job Will God Use Her Gentle Spirit To Help Heal Alec S Broken Heart From The Author Of The Visitor And Bamboo And Lace Comes A Warm Contemporary Story Of God S Tender Mercies And Loving Intervention In The Life Of One Family I really liked this book I love the way the story turned out and I enjoyed each of the characters I felt that they were all well developed and believable My only real dislike was the length of the story The edition that I read was over 400 pages long I really felt like there were a few spots that could ve been edited down to shrink it and the story wouldn t have suffered The content of this book is also extremely spiritual which can be a good thing Just to let you know this isn t just a clean romance the evidence of Christ jumps right off the page Overall a great story and I can t wait to readby Lori.
This book was on my to read list for a while and I bought it a few months ago, but just now got around to reading it throughly I actually do like some christian fiction, sometimes I m in the mood for a clean romance,so the point is I didn t miss the smut, but I did miss a good entertaining plot, the whole book was just about how she baked, cleaned, and in the middle of the book her boss noticed she was a woman and a not so dumb one, because she can speak FIVE languages, yeah that s it FIVE, I ll write it again in case you didn t understand F I V E I m stressing the fact that she can speak five languages because the author did so too, anyway Alec finds out he s in love with her and they start dating and there s also a bunch of kids, and a lot of churchgoing, grocery shopping and blahblahblah, boring That s all I can say about this book, which is sad because when I begun reading I thought it was rather nice, and because I wasted my money on it In short this is what the book is all about using the main character s own words, it contains spoilers, read at your own risk Her grandmother telling her to leave Czechoslovakia Living in Chicago meeting David and janet Coming to the living room of this house on Holly Court and seeing the faces of the Riley Children Meeting Gladys Falling in love with Alec Watching Mrs.
Kent come to Christ and then Mr.
kent a year later This book was just ok, didn t love nor liked it very much, 2 stars because I m feeling charitable This is another of my favorite books It is about a woman who moves to the US from Prague in the 1980s She has to find her place in this country while she works as a house keeper for a family that has recently lost their mother wife As with all of Lori Wicks books, it involves a romantic relationship between an man and woman as well as different character s relationship with God It is uplifting and almost every time I read one of her books I find something that applies to my life right now either my relationship with someone else or my relationship with God I love most of her books for this reason.
Out of 5Style of Writing 1originality Creativity 3 Character development 2Plot development flow 2Enjoyment Factor 1Overall Rating 1I give this book a one based on the fact that I didn t finish it I bought this book on my kindle but returned 3 4 of the way through because I really didn t care how it ended and wanted my money back.
This book is about an immagrant named Sophie during the late 1980 s who travels to America fulfilling her and her grandmothers life long dream In Chicago she meets a woman through church who leads her to a new job as a housekeeper nanny for a recent widower the lady s brother Sophie moves in an makes herself a fixture in their home and lives and the man eventually begins to fall in love with her.
This book has the stuffs I love but the style of writing just doesn t deliver for me It s choppy and lacks depth A would be somewhat major conflict can occur and the author wouldor less drop it the following paragraph The plot wasn t too original but started strong and could have developed nicely but just didn t As I said early I didn t finish the book because I no longer cared how it ended.
I was extremely disappointed in this book I ve read one other book by Lori Wick and I really enjoyed it But this one was way over the top and too much By the end I couldn t get through it fast enough and I ended rolling my eyes and some of the cheesy conversations I thought the characters were too sentimental They cried way too much and too often, they prayed ALL the time It seemed like there was at least one prayer on every page I remember there was a time that Sophie and Mr Riley were at McDonalds and they decided to pray I just think that is too much praying The thing that really had me rolling my eyes is towards the end of the story Sophie helps her dying neighbor convert and come unto the Lord All the lady had to do is say she believes in Christ and say this prayer and she was forgiven of everything and she was saved I m a Christian and I think there isto it than that I think repenting takesthan just saying you believe and praying.
Sophie wants to come to America, and when her name comes up on the immigration list, she leaves her native Czechoslovakia, and begins working in a restaurant in Chicago But she is lonely One day, she attends a Bible study She is a believer, and there she meets Janet Janet s brother is struggling to raise his three children, after the tragic death of his wife, and Janet, knowing of his need, and Sophie s wish to live somewherequiet, brings Sophie and the family together Everyone is nervous about the arrangement, but they agree to give it a try Their lives are changed forever as they struggle to adjust to the changes life often brings.
This is a wonderful story of love and faith and God s provision I read this marvelous book many years ago, and have just revisited it again It is a treasure.
Really good book.
I have written a review about this book before, but I have a sudden need now to change my old review and express my feelings on this book again.
Sometimes it s easy to tell someone that you love something and sometimes it s not Sometimes it s just a matter of how simple it seems to say something like that I think for a lot of people it could be But not for me I can t seem to find the right way to explain my passionate love for this book.
This was my first Christian fiction book that I ve read It s very special to me.
I ve read this story a number of times and I ve never lost interest or passion I think I fall in love with each character all over again each time I open this book It has taken me to a special place in my heart and had given me a feeling I have not known before I don t know how to describe it I think this feeling is a feeling specifically for this book It s just so special.
I don t think I can think of any other way to express my love for this touching story I know for a fact that this book will never leave my heart Ever.
Ugh this was so good Sophie is so awesome and when she has trouble with her language it is so funny Now I want to hear Czechoslovakian to see what it sounds like There are some times when I feel bad for Sophie Sometimes I wish she would just say something instead up putting up with everything though I really wish there was a sequel to this book If there was I would totally read it.