[ Pdf Strategies That Work: Teaching Comprehension for Understanding and Engagement ☆ transsexual PDF ] by Stephanie Harvey ↠´ I read this for a book study at work It s filled with valuable information and I consider it an important resource for teachers but since I had read an earlier edition years ago and even led the book study for that edition I think it lost some of its impact this time I was already intimately familiar many of the concepts, although there were parts of the book that contained updated information I always appreciate a good conversation about a book and so meeting weekly with other teachers to talk about the chapters was beneficial In the end, I believe it s never a bad idea for a teacher to reread Stephanie Harvey Literally my reading comprehension Bible Since Its Publication In , Strategies That Work Has Become An Indispensable Resource For Teachers Who Want To Explicitly Teach Thinking Strategies So That Students Become Engaged, Thoughtful, Independent Readers In This Revised And Expanded Edition, Stephanie And Anne Have Added Twenty Completely New Comprehension Lessons, Extending The Scope Of The Book And Exploring The Central Role That Activating Background Knowledge Plays In Understanding Another Major Addition Is The Inclusion Of A Section On Content Literacy Which Describes How To Apply Comprehension Strategies Flexibly Across The Curriculum The New Edition Is Organized Around Four Sections Part I Highlights What Comprehension Is And How To Teach It, Including The Principles That Guide Practice, A Review Of Recent Research, And A New Section On Assessment A New Chapter, Tools For Active Literacy The Nuts And Bolts Of Comprehension Instruction, Describes Ways To Engage Students In Purposeful Talk Through Interactive read Alouds, Guided Discussion And Written ResponsePart II Contains Lessons And Practices For Teaching Comprehension A New First Chapter Emphasizes The Importance Of Teaching Students To Monitor Their Understanding Before Focusing On Specific Strategies Five Lessons On Monitoring Provide A Sound Basis For Launching Comprehension Instruction At The End Of Each Strategy Chapter, The Authors Outline Learning Goals And Ways To Assess Students Thinking, Sharing Examples Of Student Work, And Offering Suggestions For Differentiating InstructionPart III, Comprehension Across The Curriculum Is New Comprehension Strategies Are Essential For Content Area Reading, Where Information Can Be Challenging, And Presented In Unfamiliar Formats This Section Includes Chapters On Social Studies And Science Reading, Topic Study Research, Textbook Reading And The Genre Of Test ReadingPart IV Shows That Kids Need books They Can Sink Their Teeth Into And The Updated Appendix Section Recommends A Rich Diet Of Fiction And Nonfiction, Short Text, Kid S Magazines, Websites And Journals That Will Assist Teachers As They Plan And Design Comprehension InstructionThrough Its Focus On Instruction That Is Responsive To Kids Interests And Learning Needs, The First Edition Of Strategies That Work Helped Transform Comprehension Instruction For Teachers Across The Country For Them, This New Edition Will Be A Welcome Extension Of That Work Those Coming To It For The First Time Will Find A Current And Essential Resource When Readers Use These Strategies, They Enjoy A Complete, Thoughtful Reading Experience Engagement Is The Goal When Kids Are Engaged In Their Reading They Enhance Their Understanding, Acquire Knowledge, And Learn From And Remember What They read And Best Yet, They Will Want To read Excellent book very understandable and provides lessons you can directly use.
I have had this book since it was published but only skimmed it I love, love, love the first edition and reading it transformed my teaching However, after hearing Stephanie Harvey speak at Furman University, I decided it was time to read the newest edition It doesn t disappoint.
In the age of Common Core Standards, everything Harvey Goudvis suggests and states is so relevant to teaching reading and writing The chapters on informational text and the chapter on the Genre of Test Reading offers so many ideas shared from other teachers ans well as ones they have developed Strategy lessons new to the book are even easily marked in the Table of Contents The Appendices include titles for mentor texts, websites for magazines and newspapers, professional journals and visuals of anchor charts Paired with Reading and Writing Genre with Purpose is all anyone needs to read to be common core ready.
I ve had this book on the shelf and have pulled it down and read parts of it here and there for a few years I finally sat down in the last couple of weeks and read it through It s an excellent resource I was pleased to discover that I m already doing a lot of the things it suggests, probably because of the pulling it off the shelf over the last few years Despite that, there was still a lot of practical ideas that I want to incorporate into my repertoire, mainly from Part 2 about strategy lessons That section alone might make the book worth 5 stars, especially to someone who has not already read Mosaic of Thought Other parts were less useful to me personally There was a nice review of the nuts and bolts of comprehension instruction The chapters that addressed reading for understanding in social studies and science and topic studies were also interesting to me, mainly as a pat on the back because I work at a PYP school and I think we re doing very well according to the standards Harvey and Goudvis set.
This book goes beyond the general information about reading comprehension and gets to the heart of what matters to teachers strategies and how to teach them This was required reading for one of my master s level courses in reading education, but it is far from being a boring textbook Strategies That Work seems to have been written to give teachers easy access to a treasure trove of strategies and activities they can utilize in the classroom It s broken down into four main parts Part I The Foundation of Meaning, Part II Strategy Lessons, Part III Comprehension Across the Curriculum, and Part IV Resources That Support Strategy Instruction several appendices full of handy resources More than just course reading, this book will be on my shelf as a well worn, go to resource for years to come.
While this book is aimed at teachers of younger students, I ve found lots of lines that perfectly support my approach to reading in the high school setting Choice, prediction, questioningall are part of what I do every day with students I like the flexibility of their approach And I absolutely appreciate the student examples, both the strong examples and not so strong A teacher could use them in class as the models and have a rich conversation.
The last chapters were the ones most applicable for me Reading in the content areas, research, and test reading as a separate genre These chapters are the ones I ll return to over the next year as I work with my students Gook lines to use in presentations as well Curricular demands and mandates are at an all time high the list of what we re asked to teach gets longer andcomplicated every year For sure

The first edition of Strategies that Work was a great tool to help teachers dive into reading comprehension instruction It provided a framework and a language to talk explicitly about the skills good readers use to make meaning from text This new edition is a substantial improvement on that first ground breaking work It reflects Harvey and Goudvis developing understanding of reading comprehension and how that plays out in classrooms What is most admirable about this work is that it acknowledges that the authors too are in a process of learning They share openly their new findings and have adjusted their framework to reflect their new understanding I ve used the first edition and now this text for professional development at my school It provides a strong background in reading comprehension for new teachers and a common language for our whole school to engage in conversations about how we teach reading comprehension I can t recommend ithighly.
This shows the second edition It I actually read the third edition This new edition is evenfabulous than the others A must read for every educator.