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What a brilliant collection, and now that I ve read Sophocles entire oeuvre, I consider him one of my favorite playwrightsPhiloctetes is one of the most brilliant portraits of pain, physical and emotional pain And Odysseus, who appeared as the commonsensical counterpart to the sons of Atreus in Ajax a superb portrait of heroic madness in the face of perceived insult , is here the deceptive schemer Thinking now of Philoctetes, I am surprised by how singular The Odyssey s multifaceted and mostly sympathetic portrayal of Odysseus stands out in light of Odysseus often negative reputation in later ancient literature.
Then the Oedipus plays are the most masterful classic Greek tragedies, full of gravity, beautiful language, elevated grandeur and nobility, and Oedipus the King is perhaps the perfect, but so far my preference goes toward Oedipus at Colonus for the serenity that pervades that play and for the presence of a wiser and peaceful Oedipus and for the noble presence of TheseusAnd Antigone is special for its dramatization of the resistance of right against might, of the individual against the State And it s perhaps Sophocles bleakest play, insofar that there are three deaths at the climax Antigone, Haemon, and Eurydice At least the Oedipus plays establish a kind of noble stance in relation to fate, and Philoctetes ends with a hope of healing Antigone seems the most relentless of the Sophoclean masterpieces.
Por alguna raz n que no me explico, sent la imperiosa necesidad de releer Ant gona Quiz fue alguna referencia directa en alguna pel cula u otro libro Alg n eco Cuando agarr el tomo completo de Tragedias de S focles y comenc a leer Ant gona, me propuse releer todas y leer por primera vez yax.
Fue un muy agradable viaje En m s de un sentido mientras recordaba al Guillermo que ley por primera vez a S focles en los primeros semestres de Letras, descubr a que recordaba muy poco, no ya de los mitos y la estructura de las obras, sino incluso de las tramas.
Mi favorita es Edipo en Colono.
M s que leer a S focles para entender teor as freudianas, leerlo puede resignificar otro medio para entender a la humanidad desde lo humano y racional, pero tambi n desde aquello que ignoramos y que atribu mos a los dioses Me gustan este tipo de libros porque siento que no envejecen, a pesar de las expresiones o lo giros ling sticos que se modifican con la traducci n A pesar de las m ltiples lecturas y trabajos que ya hay sobre este autor uno puede aproximarse con la confianza de que el libro no defraudar.

dincolo de faptul tragic ca atare, la sofocle mai sunt prezente dou elemente poeticul mi se pare ca sofocle are o poezie mai elaborat dec t eschil probabil i traducerea ritmat a lui george fotino traduc tor al operei complete sofocliene are aici un merit un mod Aristocratic de a suporta suferin a, n cazul antigonei, de pild , prin sinucidere c ci, n cazul ei, principiile ncarnate n poruncile zeilor sunt mai presus de poruncile mai ales tiranice ale puterii contingente mi s a mai p rut interesant leg tura dintre privat problemele personale ale eroilor , public puterea politic i via a cet ii i religie zeii i ritualurile.
de pild , n oedip rege, amenin area cu cium a cet ii teba e cauzat de omorul ascuns al regelui oedip de i acesta e descoperit, cetatea teba va mai suferi, cei doi fii ai lui oedip se vor r zboi ntre ei n oedip la colonos i antigona i vor muri am ndoi nt mplare povestit i la eschil, n cei apte contra thebei p n la urm , dintre copiii lui oedip va r m ne doar ismena, de restul neamului se va alege praful.
aiaso pies ciudat , metafor despre ravagiile pe care r zboiul le face n mintea unor oameni, n cazul de fa viteazul argian aias n timpul luptei din troia, acesta se oftic pentru ingratitudinea tovar ilor s i atrizi care nu i dau armele defunctului ahile lui, ci lui odiseu ulise a a nc t, razna la cap, dore te s se r zbune i sare la omor, dar n loc de du mani, zei a atena pe ochii i r t ci i i mp nze te n luci, a a nc t nebunul, n loc de oameni, omoar ni te vaci.
c nd vede c i p n i zeii fac mi to de el, se sinucide.
restul nu i prea grozav, seam n cu antigona fra su mortului dore te s l ngroape, dar trufa ii atrizi o interzic, s se dea jmekeri.
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trahinieneleeste despre finalul tragic al lui herakles nevast sa, deianira e geloas pe o tineric aleas de eros drept aventur pentru herakles zice deianira Vreo vin so ului S i fac eu azi c a fost de Eros s getat Nebun ar fi s fiu Sau s o nvinuiesc Pe aceast t n r Dar ce r u mi a f cut pp.
86 87 doar c i d o c ma uns cu o licoare anti curv s rie doar c licoarea i o oferise tocmai o victim a lui herakles, centaurul nessus proasta, deci, va fi instrumentul de peste ani a r zbun rii unei victime.
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I finished this new volume of translations of the seven existing plays by Sophocles last night I unhesitatingly recommend this new work of the translators, Robert Bagg and James Scully, as they really did an outstanding job of presenting these powerful dramas with lyricism and impact For your information, I am providing a list of the plays in the collection and the primary translator Aias James Scully Women of Trakhis Robert Bagg Philoktetes James Scully Elektra Robert Bagg Oedipus the King Robert Bagg Oedipus at Kolonos Robert Bagg Antigone Robert Bagg Interestingly enough, this was the first time that I had read Aias Ajax or the Women of Trakhis and I really, really enjoyed both of them While I was familiar with the story of Ajax from The Iliad, I have to say that Sophocles and James Scully really made me realize the physical and psychological toll that warfare and combat has upon a soldier One has to believe that what is described in Aias can only be classified as post traumatic stress disorder PTSD We see the toll that this madness takes upon the family and friends of Ajax, and it is truly heartbreaking In the Introduction to the volume, Bagg and Scully indicate that excerpts from both Aias and Philoktetes have been performed for members of the American armed services and their families in the context of addressing and dealing with PTSD Bravo Finally, I have to say that I consider myself somewhat a connoisseur associated with Sophocles Antigone, and the version in this collection is simply superb The dialog is spare, clipped, and drips with pathos we emotionally respond not only to what Kreon and Antigone say in the play, but the overall intent of Sophocles in writing the play As Antigone prepares to meet her fate she laments, Hades, who chills each one of us to sleep,will guide me down to Acheron s shore.
I ll go hearing no wedding hymnto carry me to my bridal chamber, or songsgirls sing when flowers crown a bride s hair I m going to marry the River of Pain 890 895 That ll wrench your heart strings Bagg and Scully have given us a new version of Sophocles that is dramatic, poetic, and lyrical The language incorporated in these translations is not in the slightest degree flowery or excessive In my opinion, not one word is wasted, the emotion is right there in your face and it just feels right read these plays and see what you think.
Here In One Volume Are The Full Texts Of The Seven Extant Plays Of The Greek Playwright Sophocles, Regarded By The Greeks Of His Time As A Kind Of Tragic Homer This Collection Includes The Revised And Updated Translations By Paul Roche Of The Oedipus Cycle, Oedipus The King, Oedipus At Colonus, And Antigone, As Well As All New Translations Of Ajax, The Women Of Trachis, Electra, And Philocetes There s not much I can say about this collection that won t sound like hyperbole but, the fact is, it s all kind of true What you see in these works is, in many cases, the early seeds of some of the greatest storytelling devices ever conceived by the minds of men Much like how the Bible or as Eddie Izzard would say the Biblee is a cornerstone of the West in such a way as to partly explain our language s , culture s , beliefs, so to with these texts we find the Grecian mother to our Biblical father I categorize them that way because, so it seems to me at least, that ancient Greek storytelling has something that the Bible what I ve read of it so far does not Namely, this missing factor is a self awareness and even a malleability relatively speaking of concept that the Bible dogmatic as it is just doesn t have Oh, sure, Biblical exegesis is anything but uniform duh but where does Moses doubt God s efficacy or even existence while still giving him praise ala Lucretius I don t know, if nothing else I guess I could envision the Greek mode of storytelling of being Chabbad the Jewish Religious movement where the Bible not even ironically, come on is the strict shomer shabbes Ultra Orthodox Both offer something the other lacks, but both lack something that keeps them from being whole.
I won t pretend I m original in thinking this hell, Thomas Aquinas and Maimonedes kind of predate me and their whole reconciling the two halves of the dialectic, as in, Grecian ideas made consumable for the religious public thing but I will say that these are not friendly bedmates But that s part of the fun It s knowing these ideas are at each other s throats, it s downright Darwinian.
Digression s aside, this a wonderful collection and will have you slapping your forehead as you realize that the ancient Greeks were masters of storytelling devices that many modern and ostensibly sophisticated writers STILL have trouble grasping read it and watch the seeds as they fall to the soil.
Aias 3 Stars Women of Trakhis 5 Stars Philoktetes 4 StarsElektra 4 Stars Oedipus the King 4 Stars Oedipus at Kolonos 5 Stars Antigone 5 StarsA beautiful, simple translation I only wish than 7 of Sophocles 125 plays had survived.