[Jack Higgins] Å The Eagle Has Landed [mixed-martial-arts PDF] Read Online ☆ The Eagle Has Landed is a thriller novel by English writer Jack Higgins.
Recently a commando named Otto Skorzeny has rescued Benito Mussolini from Italy s highly secured jail This success has now made Hitler much ambitious, now he wants England s prime minister Winston Churchill A mission directly ordered by Hitler himself and commanded by Heinrich Himmler led by Kurt Steiner and IRA gunmen Liam devlin.
England s prime minister is coming to quite village called studley constable This information is intercepted by a spy residing at the studely constable Once The SS were calculating the probability of success of this mission they find it very much possible.
One of the best novel i have read based on the second world war.
the story was gripping, fast paced what i loved most about a thriller.
You will also find how the Nazis blackmailed the military personnel s in order to obtain there goals This story will also change your view point about the Germans military roles at that time, this is also help you to think from another point of view.
You will also find the sacrifice, passion and love for there own country, how were lives in that time And a little twist also at the end of the story.
The Eagle Has Landed Liam Devlin 1 Author Jack HigginsRating 9.
2 103.
Follow the blog It s been a long time since I read my old paperback version, but I think I read it too early in my life This time around, it was incredibly impressive The characterization, plotting, well, just everything.
There are plenty of good bad guys Unfortunately, the good guys were often after each other Some really bad people did some good things vice versa Sometimes they had a choice, often they didn t Why they felt they needed to do what they did Oh, it was a shame yet it was glorious, too They were the best of men, they were the worst of men Men being generic for humans There were a couple of ladies who played large pivotal roles.
The action wasn t overpowering well described Very realistic which is nice I found the descriptions of parachute jumping very interesting I had no idea the German chutes were so poor I m a bit confused by the idea that a low jump was better for the reasons given Less time in the air is nice for concealment, but I always found it a hell of a lot scary Any issues with the chute can t be dealt with Their faith in being dropped at the proper spot was touching Unbelievable, but sweet.
There s a lot of detail it s all worth it It was amazing how the plan came together what happened So many moving pieces communication trials I really want to watch the movie soon Caine as Steiner is perfect casting as is Donald Pleasance as Himmler The others are great too, but those two jumped out at me I m a real fan of Donald Sutherland, too He would be a perfect Liam Devlin I don t think I ve seen the movie since it came out, though Highly recommended.
The Eagle Has Landed Liam Devlin 1 , Jack Higgins Liam Devlin is a protagonist and recurring character in the novels of Jack Higgins Liam Devlin is a pseudonym and his real name is never revealed The Eagle Has Landed is a book by British writer Jack Higgins, set during World War II and first published in 1975 The book makes use of the false document technique, and opens with Higgins describing his discovery of the concealed grave of thirteen German paratroopers in an English graveyard The characters discuss the historic rescue of Hitler s ally Benito Mussolini in September 1943 After Mussolini was deposed and imprisoned by the Italian government, Otto Skorzeny led a German team and achieved his release and escape from Italy Hitler, with the strong support of Himmler, considered a similar plan to kidnap British Prime Minister Winston Churchill Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, head of the Abwehr German military intelligence , is ordered to make a feasibility study of capturing Churchill and taking him to the Reich Canaris realises that although Hitler will soon forget the matter, Himmler will not Fearing Himmler may try to discredit him, Canaris orders one of his officers, Oberst Radl, to undertake the study, despite feeling that it is all a waste of effort 2002 1379 384 9643340538 20 1380 547 9643630226 1389 544 9789643630225 1685 There was a time when I loved Alistair MacLean, Jack Higgins, Desmond Bagley the whole damn lot That was when I was brainwashed into thinking that Americans were good and Russians were bad that the Second World War was a just war, where the Good Allies won and the Evil Axis lost that the Israelis were a peaceful people, being continuously menaced by the bloodthirsty Arabs Most of my black and white take on world affairs were influenced by popular Hollywood movies and thrillers.
That time is long past, but I would still rate this novel as one of the better ones, as it presents Germans in a favourable light the noble and tragic anti hero Kurt Steiner is a fantastic character.
I was lent this book by a very kind volunteer at work as it was my kind of genre I hadn t watched the film before reading this book or knew what it was about before reading the blurb.
The writing style of Jack Higgins is one that does keep hold of your attention and he does describe the characters and the events well so that you can picture it happening However the book for me just didn t leave lasting memories or anything that would make me want to go back and read the book again It wasn t one that played on my mind when I wasn t reading it.
I am sure there are millions of people who love the book and I am sure that there is millions people who haven t read the book yet but will love it but for me it was a flat book and not one that I would read again, maybe I will try watching the film

5 1975 I read this book because it was recommended by Reader s Digest as one of the best all time Needless to say that they weren t wrong I enjoy reading war related fiction have read many books but what Higgins presented here was beyond doubt extraordinary Here are a few elements that I was amazed to see 1 Fact or Fiction The writer did extensive research as explained well in the prologue epilogue In fact the research is as important to the plot as is the book The only issue being central character of the plot was a heavy weight I don t mean just someone I mean the big dog of WWII so it may be plausible that details of this operation never showed up cause the ramifications if they did, were dastardly for many forces around the world I would leave that to you to judge I for one feel that IT DID HAPPEN 2 A German War HERO Yes I am not going to talk about him because words won t do justice to the courage, character or clarity of thought Kurt Steiner possessed I am glad that finally we saw ONE yes only ONE war hero from Germany but what a Hero He made up for all the years I read found all Germans to be on the Board of Directors of Satan s Inc Again, I believe that Kurt Steiner did lead that outrageous mission.
3 Character Portraits The writer did research thoroughly for almost all characters can be found by a simple Google search read about Worthy to remember that this material wouldn t show up because of what it meant so details are grainy but there What is also stupendous is that each character I mean each everyone of them was essential to the plot What I enjoyed most was the Brotherhood amongst these warriors Each everyone a just soldier unlike what we know Germans to be I felt sad every time as the narrative would reach the already foregone conclusion that all of them were to be KIA before the book reached its last pages.
4 Confused IRA Professional My second favorite character God Blessed him with a great sense of humor In fact all Irish men seem to have ithe seemed to have the most of it In the whole book Devlin only once was genuinely sad otherwise it seemed to me that God gave him a little of the happy hormones none of the sad ones He shows what the War did in terms of choices cause I have come to believe that one man s soldier is another man s terrorist is indeed true Again Devlin lived till much later met with the writer.
5 Conclusion I don t think I will ever read another book from Higgins as I am afraid he will let me down I also think that they should remake the movie the earlier one was made in the 80s but this generation must be given a chance to see Germans in a different light I am not saying I have turned, for I hated reading about what all they did Himmler was Satan on Earth as he went about his wretched ways even in this book But there were indeed a few good men who were on the wrong side of the barbed wire.
I think I ve read this book before, and seen the movie, but I read it when I was in high school or junior high long enough ago that I d forgotten the details If it were written today, it would probably have a tighter POV and fewer pages spent on the set up Still, it s an awesome book Not squeaky clean PG 13 , but cleaner than average for the market.
I think what impresses me most about this book is the way Higgins creates sympathy for so many characters even though most of the characters are trying to kidnap or assassinate Churchill something I don t want to happen , Higgins introduces the characters in a way that makes me like them and want them to achieve their goals Well, everyone except Himmler and Colonel Shafto The characters are imperfect, but admirable or funny or brave, and though most of them are fighting on the wrong side of the war, I understood their motivations and cared about what happened to them I ve talked a lot about characters there s a whole lot of action in there too And interesting tidbits of WWII history The reader in me enjoyed the characters and the plot The writer in me loved his techniques.
In all seriousness, this is without doubt, the BEST 2 STAR BOOK that I ve ever read I know, I know on its face that sounds confusing and maybe even oxymoronical and may lead to a bit of head scratching or possibly even a mild rash For that I m truly sorry, but please slap some calamine lotion on your itches and give me a chance to explain before you dismiss me as an oxy or any other form of moron PLOT SUMMARY Briefly, this story tells the fictional tale of a German commando unit that attempts to kidnap Winston Churchill during World War II The book employs the story within a story method and begins with Jack Higgins as himself seemingly discovering the facts behind the unknown mission after finding the hidden graves of 13 German paratroopers at an English graveyard Curious, he begins asking the local townsfolk and their reactions make him suspect that there is a great secret being hidden from the world After further investigation, the rest of the story is Higgins recounting what he has pieced together through a combination of documentary evidence and educated guesswork I thought this was a very HIGH QUALITY book I found it to be a very well written story and I have zero complaints about the strength of Higgins prose In addition, I think Higgins did an extremely good job of creating three dimensional, nuanced characters that came to life and appear completely human including the German soldiers, but on that in a minute Finally, Higgins did an fabulous job of constructing a well thought out, highly detailed and credible plot In other words, this has all the makings of an excellent novel, as the VAST number of excellent reviews of this book can easily attest SO WHY DIDN T STEVE LOVE THIS BOOK an answer in 4 parts So given all that slobbering, fanboyish praise, why, in the name of all that is good and holy, did I give this ONLY 2.
0 STARS First, please stop yelling at me and I will tell you See, as good as I thought the novel was on a technical level, I found the story itself fairly dry at the best of times and actually quite boring at the worst of times Now boring or dry when dealing with non fiction or even classics may still earn 3 stars or higher if they impart deeper meaning or just load you up with knowledge However, fiction is different I read that to enjoy myself and so dry and boring become tough hurdles to overcome Here are my four main gripes 1 One of the reasons Higgins cites for the popularity of the book in his introduction is that it was the first time that regular German soldiers as distinguished from those within the NAZI hierarchy were portrayed in fiction as human beings and not bloodthirsty monsters While the portrayal of German soldiers as regular people is certainly laudable, I must disagree that Higgins was a trailblazer in this area Long before this book was evedwritten, the world had been introduced to the following two loveable scamps AND How do you NOT love Klink and Schultzie So sorry Mr Higgins, but as far as I am concerned, Hogan and his band of Heroes beat you to the punch as far the humanization of the German solider is concerned Thus, no points for ground breaking, cultural revelations 2 The fact that the final outcome of the story was known at the very beginning of the story took away much of the suspense mystery for me Now this is not always the case when reading about real life events in which the final outcome is well known, as I have read a lot of historical ficiton and real life crime fiction that kept me at the edge of my seat However, in this case, the slow, methodical planning of the kidnapping just never seemed to pull me in and so I found the story very slow moving 3 There were nonadazero OMG moments in the story which is a real let down for me as I would have expected some in a taut thriller of this kind For me, OMG moments are those moments that raise goose bumps on your skin e.
, Jack Nicholson on the stand in A Few Good Men or something that happens that makes you say NO WAY did that just happen e.
, for those that have seenThe Blair Witch Project , the final scene made me almost crap my pants Basically, they are memorable scenes that stick to my brain long after I have forgotten everything else about the book, movie, etc This book did not have a single moment that will stay with me for than 10 minutes after I finish this review Thus, no point there 4 Finally, while most of the characters were well drawn, there wasn t what I would call any real standout memorable character This is closely tied to 3 above Liam Devlin, the IRA commando, comes closest and is certainly a good character However, when I finished the book I wasn t anxious to pick up the sequel and find out what Liam would do next He just didn t stir the curious in me FINAL THOUGHTSSo I didn t love this book I thought it was okay Sometimes when I dislike a book that the majority of my fellow readers rate highly, I will either be thinking to myselfwhat the hell were those people hopped up to rate this dung pile so highly and how can I score me some of thator I ll be thinking,okay, I m the dung pile and must have missed something or banged my head to hard as a child because I seem to be clearly mistaken on this oneWell in this case, I don t think it s either though my status as a dung pile is certainly open to daily re interpretation I completely understand how someone can love this book and at the same time am very comfortable with my it was just okay assessment So for all of the above reasons, I just never found myself pulled into this one There were some parts I liked and it certainly had some moments, but there were not enough of the goodies for me to be able to say I liked it.
0 stars.
In November Of , An Elite Team Of Nazi Paratroopers Descends On British Soil With A Diabolical Goal To Abduct Winston Churchill And Cripple The Allied War Effort The Mission, Ordered By Hitler Himself And Planned By Heinrich Himmler, Is Led By Ace Agent Kurt Steiner And Aided On The Ground By IRA Gunman Liam DevlinAs The Deadly Duo Executes Hitler S Harrowing Plot, Only The Quiet Town Of Studley Constable Stands In Their Way Its Residents Are The Lone Souls Aware Of The Impending Nazi Plan, And They Must Become The Most Unlikely Of Heroes As The Fate Of The War Hangs In The Balance