Trailer Ê The Essential 55: An Award-winning Educator's Rules for Discovering the Successful Student in Every Child PDF by × Ron Clark 3.
5 stars because, while I love the idea of a majority of these rulesI m not sure how realistic Ron s approach to enforcing them would be in my classroom I definitely think teaching these types of rules and really, many of them are just basic social norms and good manners should be a part of what we teach kids After all, many of the kids in my class aren t being taught these types of things at home One thing is for sure I won t be baking cookies for my students every night and I definitely won t be taking them to the movie theater with me.
I had the opportunity to hear this author at our teacher convocation this year and immediately bought both his books Ron Clark is an inspired speaker and writer, giving valuable tips for a beginning or veteran teacher on ways to build a classroom community, let children know they are safe and cared about, and create a learning environment that encourages each child to achieve their personal best.
I would recommend this book to teachers and parents It is a fast read but one that merits rereading to really understand the vast amount of information he conveys in every page.
Now In Paperback, Ron Clark S New York Times Bestseller That S Changing America One Child At A Time The Runaway Bestseller That S A Must Have For Every Parent And Teacher How Many Authors Would Travel Coast To Coast On A Bus To Get Their Book Into As Many Hands As Possible Not Many But That S Just What Ron Clark, Author Of The Essential , Did To Keep His Book And Message In The Public Eye And It Worked After His Oprah Appearance, Sales Skyrocketed We Ve Sold Than , Copies In Six Months The Book Sat Tenaciously On The New York Times Bestseller List ForWeeks Ron Clark Was Featured On The Today Show, And In The Chicago Tribune, Good Housekeeping, And The New York Daily News Not To Mention The Calls We Ve Received From Teachers And Parents Who Want To Get Their Hands On Ron S Guidelines For Teaching Children Now In Paperback, The EssentialWill Be The Perfect Book For Parents And Teachers To Slip Into Their Own Backpacks, To read On The Train Or At Lunch, And To Highlight The Sections That Resonate For Them And With An Author Who Is Truly A Partner In Getting His Message To The Masses, We Just Can T Lose I loved this book not so much because I am going to adopt his rules for my classroom word for word I am not I do believe however that there are some essential aspects of great teaching within this book, particularly in a time when some parents not all but some are not teaching kids things they need to know to be successful Manners go a very long way as well as learning to respect yourself and others My hope is that those who read this book will develop their own unique rules for their classrooms and bring it to teach kids with as much verve and energy as Ron brings Lots of great nuggets of truth here Every teacher should read this book My grandfather gave this book to me when I first came to America for my graduate studies in Applied Economics As the title suggests, the author compiles fifty five essential rules that he believes students should adhere to in the American context However, reading from one rule to another, I think all the rules are applicable even outside the educational scope Some rules are universal, too Thanks to the book, now I can comprehend what is expected of me in the new school, the new land, and broadly speaking, the world around me better, if not fully I keep checking the book at times so as to remind myself about the rules and practicing when the right situations come This is because I believe we will be better everyday if we apply to be better everyday And, as global citizens, 1 we should go through the flow 2 we should have virtues wherever we are present and 3 we should never lose our understanding mindset However, I always maintain my personal identities The water flow may change its shape accordingly to where it flows across, but that water is still the water it was originated.
My gratitude to my grandfather and the author because, to me, every advice is gold.
The essential 55 rulesThis book is the most interesting than any book that I read before And I recommend you to read it Although from the title it seems little boring because, it has rules steps and advices, but I like these kinds of books This book is for the writer Ron Clark in this book he is talking about many rules that he set them for kids, children, teenagers and parents These rules are going to guide teachers how to deal with kids and teenagers in different situation It also gives people steps in how to deal with each other This book can work for our every day life It contains 55 rules the writer is mentioned every rule with an example from his personal life And some of the rules come with advices if there is no specific example I think all of the rules are good and can work everywhere There are some rules that I really liked, such as making an eye contact, respect other student comments, opinion and ideas, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough or say excuse me And so many other impressive rules You have to read the book to discover what are these rules This book inspired me and I benefit from this book a lot, because it draw my attention to be aware of my actions and reactions.
A nice little book but falls too easily into the category of self congratulatory idolization of ordinary ideas And fairly poorly written this guy would come across better chatting than writing.
AND when he was on his point about washing hands in the bathroom, after waxing quite eloquent about how to get a paper towel before you wash your hands to use to handle the faucet, going into great detail about how to use it to dispense soap, too, he, shockingly, says nothing about using the paper towel to also open the door Nothing Um Really But a good book to remind a teacher, or a parent, or any adult, that kids need guidance And polite manners should never go out of style.
Overall I like the philosophy and enthusiasm behind the book However I find a lot of this specialized for younger children elementary and difficult to translate to high school level older students There are some things that can be changed to apply to high school I just was a little put off that these things that only apply to elementary are treated as universal There are also some little things that I simply don t agree with Hey, I m not an award winning teacher But I thought the no Doritos rule was just plain silly, and a waste of food when he destroyed the chips Yes, the kids thought it was funny, but I just found it odd and unnecessary Again, maybe it s fun for little kids,but I think it would be eccentric at best to older kids Other than that I appreciate that he says to make strict rules and stick to your guns because you need respectThan you need to be liked I could have used someexamples of that, but overall, I got the big picture.

Egads People take the idea of having 55 rules seriously And further, rules that are so exceedingly specific or absurdly general Rules that dictate how a student is to behave at home I couldn t remember 10 rules myself, even if I wrote them I believe Harry Wong suggests nothan five And finally, rules that aren t even enforceable Sheesh New teachers, please learn and practice the difference between teaching worthy principles which most of the 55 are and making rules.
Student motivation should be a concern as well I would much rather have a group of students who were slightly less orderly, but motivated from a passion for learning or excellence of character rather than coerced or performing for cookies of all things I m not saying the guy doesn t teach well or his students aren t into learning for its own sake, but the manner is way off the mark More substance and less ugh.
This guy is megalomaniacal and all about control For atolerable megalomaniac who s all about heart and passion, read Rafe Esquith s Teach Like Your Hair s On Fire or his first book, There Are No Shortcuts Both authors are full of themselves, but at least you ll actually learn something from Rafe.
2 stars for the pageant of absurdity.
Can you say overachiever Wow 55 rules That s a lot Did anybody else think that this guy has way too much time on his hands and needs to get a personal life I mean, really, could anyone WITH A FAMILY do all that out of class extra stuff for his students field trips, cookie baking, fundraisers, preparing special rewards, etc Most of his rules are basic good manners, and I agree that they need to be taught reinforced in the classroom, but I was so overwhelmed with the totality of it all that it was just too much I think that picking a few things to focus on that is, establishing priorities is what most normal teachers have to do, isn t it I did like all the lessons he taught however, I think the title of this book should be changed to The Essential 55 Rules of Proper Social Interaction and given to every new parent before they leave the hospital.