Trailer Î The Read-Aloud Handbook PDF by Î Jim Trelease This book turned out to be wayinformative than I expected It didn t only give facts, statistics, and reasons why parents should read to their children, but it also brought to light the recent effects of TV, cell phones, e readers, the internet, etc, etc, and how this is impacting children and adults alike It gives healthy information about fathers especially stepping up their game to influence their children boys in particular in education and reading This book made me reflect on my childhood and how much my parents actually did read to me with a large portion being the Bible which I believe had the greatest affect on my life Truth was poured into me every single day I may not agree with every single conclusion this book states as reading can make you muchsuccessful in human logic, but being successful in God s eyes is the most important though reading will be a great asset in this I also really enjoy the treasury of books listed in the back to guide me in choosing books for my children I can bepurposeful now as I go to the library rather than picking up whatever looks interesting at the time Summer reading commences now The Treasury of read Alouds that comprises the second half of this book salvages the first half, which is basically Trelease s excuse to spout opinions on all aspects of parenting I was not a fan of the whole tone of the book, especially the way in which Trelease talks down to his readers For example, quoted from page 32, Listening comprehension feeds reading comprehension Sounds complicated, right So let s make it simple The only way that statement would be complicated would be if the reader didn t understand the word comprehension Further, on page 38, we hear, Now that I ve established the idea in your mind that there is a significant difference between listening level and reading levelExcuse me You ve established an idea in my mind What arrogance.

This is a fantastic book that any parent should own It really helps you understand the need to read out loud to your children teenagers included and the benefits that happen from doing so He also explains that a child s listening level is higher than his reading level, which is important That is the first part of the book The rest of it contains reading lists with summaries about the books, which is a great help for picking out books your children will love.
I had written a scathing review and gave this book one star then my computer did something weird and the review was lost A friend questioned the one star so I thought I would rewrite the review Maybe I am a bit judgmental of books on parenting, I always think Why is there a book on this Why isn t common sense enough We have to obsessively study the topic too Maybe I am the one who is way off and I should be a bitinterested in reading about different ideas as they pertain to raising my daughter I was raised by two hyper intelligent people who were the most hands off parents you could meet, they were voracious readers and as a direct result I am a voracious reader My mom was a tremendous cook, and as a direct result I love to cook My Dad was tall, well you see the pattern haha I believe that if I want my child to be do feel think in any particular way I simply have to model that behavior and she willthan likely pick it up I don t need to spend what little free time I have in life studying the topic I think we are all losing our minds and making raising kids way harder than it needs to be Give them love, food, shelter then get the heck out of their way they will be who they are going to be in spite of you Thats my two cents for the day This book is a game changer I always knew it was good to read to your kids, but never knew how much This author shares a lot of old school wisdom require your kids to read, turn off the TV, reading to your kids provides a great connection, etc I don t agree with every point such as any reading is good reading, Oprah s book club is a wonderful thing, and the Harry Potter books lowered crime and teen pregnancies , etc By sifting through his enthusiasm, this is a really great book.
This book is a great reference when you want to know what would be a good book to read aloud to your children The premise is that children can understand text that is too hard for them to read When we read aloud to our children things that are exciting to them, they develop a love of books Then, because they know and love books, they will do the work to learn how to read fluently The first 1 3 of the book is explaining why and how to read aloud The rest of the book are lists of books, with summaries, of books They are listed according to listening level NOT the child s reading level I have loved using this book as a reference at home and in the classroom If you don t want to buy the book, you can get a lot of the info at this website I found this at the bottom of a bag of clothes being passed to my son It no doubt came from my sister in law who is a mother of 3 and an elementary school teacher.
I am so happy that it came my way This book is a fantastic resource for parents, teachers and librarians It discusses the importance of reading aloud to children and the many positive effects it has The book dives into silent reading, TV watching and other reading related issues as well I feel like every parent, teacher and librarian would benefit from reading this.
The second half of the book is a reading treasury just a suggestion list of books that are good to read aloud as opposed to some that are better read silently These books are marked with the grade level suggested for the listeners and a brief description.
Another book I include in baby shower gift baskets This one includes the research behind the need to read aloud to children of all ages not just young children I m sure the research part is not for everyone Includes a great treasury of read aloud books I actually have the 5th 4th editions, but not this one yet The difference between the 4th 5th editions was an updated treasury of books, also chapters addressing Harry Potter, Oprah book clubs, Internet, etc I can t wait to see new additions to the 6th edition.
A New York Times And Million Copy Bestseller, The Classic Handbook On Reading Aloud To Children Revised And UpdatedRecommended By Dear Abby , The New York Times And The Washington Post, For Three Decades, Millions Of Parents And Educators Have Turned To Jim Trelease S Beloved Classic To Help Countless Children Become Avid Readers Through Awakening Their Imaginations And Improving Their Language Skills Now This New Edition Of The read Aloud Handbook Imparts The Benefits, Rewards, And Importance Of Reading Aloud To Children Of A New Generation Supported By Delightful Anecdotes As Well As The Latest Research, The read Aloud Handbook Offers Proven Techniques And Strategies And The Reasoning Behind Them For Helping Children Discover The Pleasures Of Reading And Setting Them On The Road To Becoming Lifelong Readers I am already an avid reader and my kids, even at the young ages of 2.
5 and 1 are already book lovers So when I picked this book up I was less interested in his advice about reading andinterested in the treasury the many pages of book lists in the second half of the book However, I ended up reading the entire book and enjoying every page I think this is an important book for both parents and educators to read whether you consider yourself a reader or not Trelease offers solid evidence in support of reading aloud, to both kids and teens, and offers useful advice for creating a read aloud habit in the family and classroom The book also offers useful information for facilitating and encouraging good reading habits in children and teens, while still preserving the fun factor in reading.
A favorite quote from the book We have time for what we value The people who find the time to read to a child and to themselves yesterday had the same twenty four hours as the person who had no time to read, but did watch their favorite team on TV or the afternoon soap they taped, did find the time to talk on the phone for thirty five minutes, and did find the time to run over to the mall for an errand.