ì Read × The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo ✓ A Brave Mouse, A Covetous Rat, A Wishful Serving Girl, And A Princess Named Pea Come Together In Kate DiCamillo S Newbery Medal Winning TaleWelcome To The Story Of Despereaux Tilling, A Mouse Who Is In Love With Music, Stories, And A Princess Named Pea It Is Also The Story Of A Rat Called Roscuro, Who Lives In The Darkness And Covets A World Filled With Light And It Is The Story Of Miggery Sow, A Slow Witted Serving Girl Who Harbors A Simple, Impossible Wish These Three Characters Are About To Embark On A Journey That Will Lead Them Down Into A Horrible Dungeon, Up Into A Glittering Castle, And, Ultimately, Into Each Other S Lives What Happens Then As Kate DiCamillo Would Say Reader, It Is Your Destiny To Find Out Um, I really disliked this book I read it aloud with my 3 and feel like a bad parent for doing so Poor Miggery Sow named after a pig, motherless, traded for next to nothing, abused, and then later described as lazy and fat Crikey And then there was the author s penchant for describing things to the Reader as an aside Despereaux actually has a small part considering the continuous horrors of the story evil rats, fair weathered parents siblings, the Queen s death, and the no soup decree Author, HATED IT.
From the moment Despereaux the mouse was born, everyone knew he was different Born extremely small with strange ears and the only survivor of the litter, his parents weren t sure if he could stay alive As time goes on, Despereaux becomes quite a curious little critter and begins to question the world around him He discovers a love for music and falls in love with a lovely princess named Pea The issue is that Despereaux has gone against the rules put forth by the mouse council by showing himself to the princess, and now he must deal with the consequences by spending time in the dark dungeon below the castle He s been ordered by the mouse council, including his father, and there s no turning back He considered fainting He deemed it the only reasonable response to the situation in which he found himself, but then he remembered the words of the threadmaster honor, courtesy, devotion, and bravery I will be brave, thought Despereaux I will try to be brave like a knight in shining armor I will be brave for Princess Pea The book is told in four parts and the entire book setting takes place at the castle in the kingdom of Dor The whole book is narrated by an omniscient narrator whom isn t related to the story, but remains the storyteller throughout The first part begins with Despereaux and his family The second covers a rat named Chiaroscuro Roscuro who is very confused and on the verge of becoming evil The third book introduces a new character named Miggery Sow, a young girl who was abandoned by her father and wants nothing than to become a princess just like Pea The fourth and last part of the book is when all of these characters come together for the climax of the story and I have to say that their fate is never predictable.
Other characters include King Phillip Pea s father ruler of Dor , a jailer, a cook, and an evil rat in the dungeon named Botticelli We honestly loved all of the characters Each one had their own story and were well developed Despereaux was hands down my favorite character Regardless of his size, he s very hopeful and courageous His fear is always present, but his perseverance prevails Miggery Sow was my son s favorite and she was likable with her eventual change of heart We loved her language and her repeated use of the word Gor My daughter s favorite character was Roscuro because you re never totally sure who s side he s going to take.
We found the story charming as it reads like a fairy tale I was a little nervous once I realized that the book was told in separate parts You get so invested in the first part and can t wait to find out what will unfold, and then there s the switch to a new book with new characters I thought that format might derail us, but it didn t We appreciated the sketched illustrations which enhance the story and bring the characters to life There s a lot going on between characters and the action makes this a real page turner There were twists we didn t see coming and there was no telling what direction the story would take I always love the themes in Kate DiCamillo s books and this story includes themes of love, revenge, courage, family and forgiveness.
Overall, Kate DiCamillo has woven another wonderful story for children that even adults can enjoy I m so glad I purchased this for our home library because I know it s one that we ll reread in the future 5

I picked this book up on a whim in the Barnes Noble because I liked the look of the cover and the jagged edges of the paper that gave it a classic feel I was looking for a new bedtime book to read to my children 2 and 6 at the time We like to read a bigger book, one chapter each night for bedtime stories I read the description and thought it sounded like a good idea so I went ahead and bought it which is REALLY unusual for me I can be a cheapskate It is by far some of the best money I have ever spent The book is really that good While technically a children s story, I could have read this as an adult before I had kids and loved the book just as much it is a story that is so beautiful, classic and timeless The thing I think I love the most about her writing style is that she does NOT dumb anything down Not the language, characters, plot, theme or anything The style is like a story teller telling you the story, with some asides and speaking to the reader Which added so much to the story The book is paced perfectly there were many nights we all wanted to just keep reading and reading , and the chapters are perfect breaking points I would not be surprised at all to find out that she purposefully chose the chapter breaks with nightly reading in mind there is a wonder cliff hanger feel to each chapter ending Every night my son would look at me with big eyes and say I wonder what is going to happen next The themes are very complex, but everything is understandable even to young children my 2 year old daughter was able to follow along without too much difficulty but with a lot of word definitions I liked that it dealt with such big themes like duty and love and heartache and redemption and the reality of the world around you ie certain characters are not evil but mean, sometimes people do stupid things that you can t fix, etc I could go on all day about things that I loved and scenes that were so wonderful i can still see them in my head We have read this as a family for bedtime stories 3 times now And given the chapter a night pace and the size of the book, that is no small feat This is a book that I will save and give to my grandchildren I can t recommend it enough Also check out The Journey of Edward Tulane we loved Despereaux , but it is a very close call That book is very similar and also wonderful.
The Tale of Despereaux, Kate DiCamilloThe adventures of a mouse named Despereaux Tilling, as he sets out on his quest to rescue a beautiful human princess from the rats The novel is divided into four books and ends with a coda Each book tells the story from a different character s or group of characters perspective Despereaux, Roscuro, Miggery Sow, and finally all of them combined 2005 1383 286 9789643691516 1395 21 1388 232 9786005503173 1389 176 9789649549200 1393 253 9786009508662.