[Lemony Snicket] Ð The Wide Window [polyamory PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ý Dear Reader,If You Have Not read Anything About The Baudelaire Orphans, Then Before You read Even One Sentence, You Should Know This Violet, Klaus, And Sunny Are Kindhearted And Quick Witted But Their Lives, I Am Sorry To Say, Are Filled With Bad Luck And Misery All Of The Stories About These Three Children Are Unhappy And Wretched, And This One May Be The Worst Of Them All If You Haven T Got The Stomach For A Story That Includes A Hurricane, A Signalling Device, Hungry Leeches, Cold Cucumber Soup, A Horrible Villain, And A Doll Named Pretty Penny, Then This Book Will Probably Fill You With Despair I Will Continue To Record These Tragic Tales, For That Is What I Do You, However, Should Decide For Yourself Whether You Can Possibly Endure This Miserable StoryWith All Due Respect,Lemony Snicket Oh how I particularly LOVE THIS ONE Which is obviously stunning for you because I ve only been flailing rabidly over this series all week Can Lemony Snicket do wrong Obviously not.
I also have a soft spot for this one because it s particularly bizarre I mean, like the rest of the books aren t bizarre But Count Olaf s schemes are just the worst And I think I could ve felt bad for Aunt Josephine s extreme anxiety disorderbut she kept cooking bad meals unacceptable, food is life and correcting people s grammar and I actually get why Count Olaf wanted to murder her for that Being corrected all the time for typos grammar is VERY ANNOYING STOP NOW PLEASE But I still feel 100% bad for Josephine And please would someone throw Count Olaf off a cliff WHY AM I SO VIOLENT I THOUGHT I WAS A NICE PERSON biggest lie I ever told myself tbhAnd I love that Sunny saves the day in this one Because she s obviously my favourite.
I m not going to rate this, because I ve already read this book stand by my first rating of it I know towards the beginning of this series that the books tend to follow a similar story structure, but I love that Lemony Snicket still finds fresh ways of telling the Baudelaire story

Mr Poe is an idiot but it wouldn t work any other way It seems sort of insensitive to say this was fun but gee was this fun I love reading middle grade because it s simply just fun It always reminds me why I love reading so much