[ Read Online Married til Monday (Chapel Springs, #4) ✓ disabled-communities PDF ] by Denise Hunter Å I absolutely love this story Ryan is awesome For him to wait for Abby, his ex for three n a half years is something that I applaud Not many guys are able to do so He loves her unconditionally but he was young then n was clueless But he made up for all the mistakes he did then For him to suffer thru the years n then went thru what he went to win her back is.
sighhhhh Have no words to express how much I love him for that I hated Abby at first.
Just like the siblings How could I not She left my Ryan Well at first, I didn t know her I didn t know how she grew up I didn t know the hardship she s been thru How she was emotionally and physically abused As her tale unravelled, I got to know her the way Ryan did and for her to come back to him when she realize what a b she had been to me ALL IS FORGIVEN This is a very simple story Very very simple in fact because basically the story only revolves both of them but it really captured my heart I was captivated and finished the reading within 2 sittings despite my hectic schedule To me their love is pure because it stood the test of time They never gave up and that s why the ending really touched my heart I thought I was in love with Cole but Ryan won hands down This will always be my favourite book of the Chapel Springs series And owh when PJ n Cole got married I think that is a perfect fairy tale came thru for me because I love both of them and to have them in this story is definitely a bonus for me It was a wonderful reading of a beautiful love story and 2nd chance always works How I wish the story doesn t end sighhhh I just have to say, I love the cover I always enjoy Ms Hunter s books and I ve been looking forward to reading this one I ve enjoyed this whole series and was curious to finally get some answers about Ryan and Abby.
Ryan and Abby were college sweethearts, but their happily ever after came to an end only a year or so into their marriage when Abby leaves Ryan The story picks up three years later when Ryan finds would Abby never told her parents about their divorce When he s invited to his in laws anniversary party he sees it as a second chance with Abby While I did enjoy this story, it deals with some sad childhood trauma and it did give the book a heavy feel, at least for me Abby has a lot of issues to work through, I was kind of hoping it would have been something she dealt with the three years they were separated, it seemed a little late in the book when she finally realizes how her upbringing has effected her relationship with Ryan I liked Abby okay, but I definitely wanted to jump in there and shake some sense into her a few times Ryan was great, he was patient and so in love with Abby Again, I would have liked to see them together when Abby was in ahealthy place and I would have loved for her to confront her dad Overall, I did enjoy this one It was well written and sucked me in I read it in one sitting ContentRomance CleanLanguage NoneViolence Mild view spoiler Mild talk of child physical abuse, no detailsReligious Mild ModerateSource Review copy hide spoiler Somehow I missed the fact that this was the last in the series when I first picked it up, but that didn t deter me from me enjoying the story one bit it worked as a stand alone I really loved it Abby and Ryan have been divorced for three years when they end up going on a road trip together to attend a 35th wedding anniversary party for Abby s parents Ryan wants to go because it means a chance to win Abby back, and Abby resignedly agrees because, well she hasn t told her parents about the divorce Old hurts and heartbreaks are brought to the surface as Ryan and Abby try to discover what went wrong in their marriage and what their week together means for their future This book focused on some heavy topics, but also on hope and healing Ryan and Abby had a lot of problems to overcome, and their journey from the start to the end of the book was heartbreaking and inspiring Ryan was so patient and unwavering in his pursuit of Abby He s a new favourite book character.
This was my second book by Denise Hunter, the first being The Convenient Groom I loved that book and had high hopes that my next read by her would be a worthy successor It definitely was

5 stars There were points that the characters were heartbreaking, and their messy past was very fitting for what needed to take place in their lives now but the pace and plot of the book was very fast for what all needed to happen for them to HEAL properly.
I have been wanting to know Ryan s full story since book one of this Chapel Springs Romance series, and the author certainly did not disappoint me In fact, I have really enjoyed this entire series Dancing with Fireflies, book two, was previously my favorite of the books but now I can wholeheartedly say that Married til Monday has taken its place in my heart as my favorite of the four stories If you haven t read the other books in the series, you can still enjoy Married til Monday as a stand alone I would definitely recommend the entire series, though, because it is just such a good one.
This book is, to me, so muchthan just a romance There is such hurt and heartbreak living inside these two characters I absolutely LOVED the way the author did the flashbacks in this story The reader gets multiple peeks back in time Glimpses from Abby s childhood, Ryan and Abby s first time to meet, the beginning of their romance, the beginning of their marriage, and even the difficult dissolution of that same marriage So many of the memories are wonderful, but just as many are completely crushing to read about This book delves into some very serious issues and does so in a way that is tactful, yet truthful.
The current thread of the story is just as enjoyable as the flashbacks Denise Hunter simply writes awesome tension into her books The attraction, the anger, the frustration it is palpable throughout the story and makes it seem so real She also controls the story at the same time As you can imagine, these two characters were once madly in love As they begin to experience feelings toward each other again, and struggle with their attraction to each other, the author never lets things go to far.
Married til Monday is not only my favorite book in the series it has definitely made it onto my list of all time favorite books I highly recommend it to fans of contemporary romance.
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You can read this review on my blog at SoI ve been wanting to read this since the first moment I read the synopsis I d never read any of the series before, but I honestly tried to read them first This book taunted me from the shelf for a solid month while I read the first, got the second, and made it halfway through that oneand then I caved And read the whole story in two sittings on a single day.
I knew I d love it I had extremely high expectations, and I still loved it I connect really well with characters that are working through difficult relationships because they love each other enough to do the hard work The minute Ryan told his mom he meant to win her back, I liked him And seeing Abby s emotional scars and seeing him realize how he d only made it worse was pricelessit doesn t seem like there s any hope for these two, but the journey is great I loved it When ranking Denise Hunter s novels, like any reader, I certainly have my favorites But each time I learn of a new novel from this seasoned author, excitement isthan a little off the charts and I am guaranteed a lovely read at the very least As her latest four book series draws to a close with this release, I saw my review copy patiently awaiting its turn to be read and after reading it, am left wondering how I delayed cracking open its pages this long Those who ve read all three of these familial novels will know that book four is about Ryan McKinley, the eldest sibling in the quartet of siblings Ryan is one hero with a darkened past because of the marriage and divorce he proceeded through, now gone three years When he learns that his ex wife, Abby, has never confessed their divorce to her parents, Ryan invites himself to tag along on her return home for her parents anniversary party Feeling led by God to pursue a fresh, mature and healthy relationship with Abby, Ryan sees this as his one opportunity to win back the trust of his ex, but Abby isn t receptive to the same feelings as Ryan Ryan s story didn t set out to be a reconciliation story publicized in the author s note , however I have to admit even back in book one, I had a sneaking suspicion Abby would work her way back into these books and the life and heart, of Ryan McKinley How happy I am to have had that inkling proven right What s unique about this story of second chances is that we had no opportunity to form an opinion of Abby Or not much of one anyway She was an established character in and to Ryan s past however to us, the reader, it was as if we were being introduced to a new heroine and had to base our first impression off of that All we had was the second hand opinions of the McKinley family Mine would certainly be a favorable one I adored Abby, and the interaction between she and Ryan is on point True she isn t the most outgoing heroine, but there s good reason for that Through loving Ryan and eventually, recognizing the serious flaws she played in their marriage, she learns to live without the dark cloud hovering over her Potential readers should know that when this story draws to a close, there are still fractured relationships in place Don t misunderstand, there is the happy ending we root for and need, but Denise doesn t give one specific relationship a dab of super glue for a quick fix No, she leaves this relationship where she found it and I respect that The rest of the book really needs noexplanation or praise because it speaks for itself Married til Monday is a remarkably well crafted redemption story that speaks for itself From the gorgeous image of intimate love on its cover to the final pages, the book shines with the purest kind of emotion It s bittersweet that with Ryan s story, we re closing out a chapter in the lives of a family we ve come to love as friends But fortunately, Denise also sets up her next presumed trilogy and with it, the anticipation that the three brothers we re going to meet in Summer Harbor will quickly take up residence in our hearts Until then, be sure to add Married til Monday to your summer reading lists Forgiveness, flirty banter and hilarity, emotional tumult and family all co mingle to make this one of my favorite reads of 2015 Sincere thanks to the publisher for a complimentary copy of this novel for the purpose of reviewing it.
With A Big Anniversary Party In The Works For His Ex Wife S Parents, Ryan Has Just One Weekend To Play Abby S Husband And Win Back The Woman Of His DreamsRyan McKinley Has Tried To Move On From His Ex Wife, Abby He S Sulked, He S Gotten Angry, And Ultimately He Bought Her Dream House Big Mistake Living Alone In The Massive Two Story Has Only Made Him Miss Her When Her Parents Call Him Out Of The Blue About Their Anniversary Party In Summer Harbor, Maine, Ryan Believes God Has Dropped A Golden Opportunity Straight In His LapAbby McKinley Never Exactly Told Her Parents About The Divorce A Strained Relationship With Her Dad Has Culminated In A Distant Relationship With Her Parents, But She S Finally Succumbed To Her Mom S Pressure To Make The Drive For Their Th Anniversary PartyThen Ryan Shows Up On Her Doorstep, Looking As Handsome As Ever When He Insists He S Going To Summer Harbor, With Or Without Her, Abby Knows She Can T Say No Her Parents Still Think They Re Married And Now Ryan Knows It Too It S Just A One Week Road Trip With The Man Who Broke Her Heart What Could Possibly Go Wrong Married til Monday was such a fantastic read I have loved this series, Chapel Springs, so much and hope we getbooks with these characters some day Ryan s story was so sweet and I loved the reconciliation story a great showing of second chances The characters were great and I felt like we really got to know them through this story Abby had a difficult life and I definitely felt for her and all she went through Ryan was a great MC and I loved how he tried to woo Abby back to him and yet also gave her space Something else I loved the moments when we got to see the rest of Ryan s family and know what was happening in their lives.
All in all, I loved Married til Monday and definitely recommend it if you enjoy contemporary romance So good Disclosure of Material Connection I received one orof the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention review it on my blog I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion which I ve done All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.
A lovely and captivating novel from the pen of Denise Hunter, Married til Monday isthan a lighthearted romance The author explores the psychological aspects of the effects of child abuse during the adult life.
Having read the previous books in this series, I looked forward to Ryan s story I knew he was divorced and couldn t get over Abby but what had happened exactly In Married til Monday , the reader will discover what went wrong during their marriage, but also that real love is not something you can put off just because you are divorced This is a story about a broken marriage and ex spouses who both need healing and forgiveness It is a tale of a restoring romance, longing for times gone by, dreading to plough through a hurtful past, fearing the future and making the same mistakes all over again I enjoyed this book from beginning to end The author easily draws the reader in with humor and loveable characters The last book in the Chapel Springs series, this might be one of Hunter s best.
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