[Karen Kingsbury] Ö Shades of Blue [christian-fiction-amish PDF] Read Online ç This is not my type of book At all It was religious It made no false pretense of what the book was about But I still had to read it.
And it wasn t as bad as I thought considering it was religious I just skipped the bible verses thank you new paragraph and continued on.
As I am pregnant now, reading about the abortion was so weird to me I am against abortions for myself, but believe women should be able to choose However, I remember how excited I was at 3 months and how much my baby had grown, and I felt sad about the abortion, and that much happier about my baby.
This was a great book.
What an honest, real, open book about abortion, and the aftermath that nobody talks about Brad is getting ready to marry the woman he loves, but he realizes that, before he gives his life to her, he has to close the chapter of his past That past involves a childhood love, a choice they made, and dealing with the abortion of their child due to an unplanned pregnancy It shows how, one decision can not only affect the life of a child taken away, but can affect a woman, a man, and those that come into their lives in the future Brad had to apologize to Emma for his role in aborting their child Emma had to forgive herself and Brad for their choice Brad s fiance then had to forgive them for keeping the secret Wow, what a mess In no way was this novel condemning abortion, it was just showing all the aspects that may not be thought about and spoken about, and all the emotions and guilt that MAY arise from one procedure Thank you Karen Kingsbury for being so honest about your choices in the end as well Brad Cutler, Twenty Eight, Is A Rising Star At His New York Ad Agency, About To Marry The Girl Of His Dreams Anyone Would Agree He Has It All A Great Career, A Beautiful And Loving Fiance, And A Fairy Tale Life Ahead Of Him When Memories Of A High School Girlfriend Begin To Torment Him Lost Innocence And One Very Difficult Choice Flood His Conscience, And He Is No Longer Sure What The Future Will Bring Except For This He Must Find His Old Love And Make Amends Haunted By The Past And Confused About The Future, He Turns To God Seeking Forgiveness And Redemption Simply a must read for fiction lovers who would dare engage into the Truth about the Sanctity of Life, the consequences of bad choices, and God s power to heal and reconcile us after the most atrocious of sins Those who are pro choice better named parent s choice as the child has no choice at all would most likely not read this novel.
Planned Parenthood supporters would ridicule it the last act of vestige of someone without a defensible position And, those who have so lost their way that they herald abortion as a woman s reproductive right , would simply dismiss it claiming it is for the unintelligent.
I am none of the above I am a Christian and though the subject matter of this book, abortion, is quite hard to read sometimes, the focus is not about abortion debate It is about the infinite power of a loving God to heal, reconcile, and forgive.
A young love that falls prey to a weak moment results in a decade of guilt, misery, sorrow and pain The story of Emma Landon and Brad Cutler is one of a lives changed by an irrevocable decision.
Can Jesus, a loving God, bring healing after an abortion Can we fall so deeply into sin that Jesus cannot reach us to forgive and heal If we cannot bear to remember our pain, face it and confess it, can we live our lives as if it did not happen Many other reviews are posted with the storyline of this novel so I won t include it in this review It is better that I should discuss the importance of this novel for how it provides a true picture of how lives are changed.
Abortion is not something discussed at family gatherings or other friendly conversation and oftentimes men and women live with the hurt, the pain, the shame, and the guilt without an outlet to release them, even to God But, God is ever present waiting, watching, and wanting to forgive if we only read II Chronicles 7 14.
This story tells of the mental conversations , the walking shame , and the lifetime of self judgment that those who have shut down the life of their child at the altar of their own plans for the future truly feel I have no doubt that even those who support abortion have these feelings but deny them Perhaps, it is these feelings that drive their anger.
This is a book whose time has come Few authors approach this topic Reading of the author thoughts, I find that she might not have written it had God not prompted her, which is a miracle of God s providence alone.
I recommend this book to men and women who would care to know the Truth about the inevitable consequences of abortion and those who have had an abortion as well because it give voice to their own thoughts and allows them to identify with the characters and prompts them to seek healing and forgiveness from the living, loving most high God.
Didn t finish cheesy and preachy Very preachy over the top preachy and usually I don t mind Christian fiction.
I received this book free from the author It wasn t a promotional thing, rather I won it via a Twitter contest I recently discovered Karen Kingsbury, and wasn t sure what to expect I enjoyed her 9 11 series, and figured I d enjoy this one, too I had little idea what was coming when I began But, pretty early on I was kinda able to guess what was coming And, oh, the pain Karen Kingsbury handles a very difficult subject very well I am impressed This is a heart wrenching story in a MUCH different way than her 9 11 series stories Where that s about a horrible tragedy no one brought on themselves, this is about the repercussions to the choices we make I am sorry to leave this so vague, but I don t wanna spoil this for anyone I couldn t put this book down couldn t wait to see how everything played out My heart breaks thinking that there are people out there who struggle with this very thing, and I can only imagine how those without Christ can make it through.

Brad Cutler, 28, is preparing to get married Yet, memories of his high school girlfriend surface and torment him Brad must confront his past by visiting her before he can go onto the next chapter in his life.
What a powerful story that had to be told Thank you, Karen, for telling it As said in the book, Everyone has something in their past Following God isn t always easy Going back to fix a wrong is the right thing to do Brad finds doing that may cost him everything Isn t that the Christian message Risk everything for the cross This book touched areas in my life Without giving anything away, I identified with Brad I had to go back to those earlier years and straighten out a wrong I created The fruit of doing what s right paid off.
This book blew me away With the last novel I read of Karen s, Between Sundays, she won me over totally With this book, I am an official fan This story is something that is so hard to talk about and with the honesty and realness she wrote with, I felt like almost like I was intruding in their business The way the plot developed was awesome The emotions and reactions of everyone were completely true to life and the subject matter wasn t something that was glossed over or made into a pat little sermon The relationship between Brad and Emma over the course of the weekend was so bittersweet and I teared upthan once I m really glad it ended the way it did, however, because anything else would have felt like they were living in the past I really really liked Laura s character and the journey she went on Her emotions about the situation were completely normal and she had every right to feel that way But Karen really flipped the situation around and showed her feelings from a biblical light that isn t shown very often It helped me personally to read Laura s struggle The scene between her and Brad when he comes was amazing and I couldn t believe she did what she did but I thought it was an amazing gesture toward him that showed her change of heart I HIGHLY recommend this book 4 out of 5 stars This book pulled at my heart strings in so many ways Yes, constantly hearing Emma grieve over her life was kind of bothering me until I found out why Karen s book has touch me on such a deep and spiritual level that I can promise you I will be re reading it and recommending to anyone that is willing to sit down and enjoy it No matter what your views on abortion are this book will make you think Everyone has a past.
On top of that, this is the perfect book when it comes to closure Not just closure on past decisions, but relationships and heartache Everyone at some point in their life will come across that man or woman who just leaves their heart shattered across the floor This book will help you find peace with itHe angled his head, searching her eyes, almost as if he were memorizing her Shades of Blue That s where we ll always be He looked out at the ocean again Here in the Shades of Blue