☆ The First Six Weeks of School ✓ Download by ¶ Paula Denton This book is filled with practical advice and lists of many Responsive Classroom activities I was feeling really lost when it came to planning for the first few weeks of school, and now I feel that I have a much better idea of what to schedule and when in order to best set students up for success It breaks down suggestions by grade K 2, 3 4, 5 6 which was especially helpful and gave insights into the new grade level that I will be teaching Definitely one of my favorite teacher books Yes to everything in this book It s so nice to see my teaching philosophy laid out in such an easy to follow way SO helpful for someone who wants to be a teacher Although I do not have a job YET it s going to happen, I feel it in my bones I will definitely use this book as a guide to help me during those first few weeks in my classroom.
This is a great resource for beginning teachers and a good review for seasoned teachers.
Brilliant Everyone should make their class a Responsive Classroom and spend the first six weeks suffering through the management The payoff is totally worth it.
A must read for all teachers over the summer Watch Children S Learning Blossom All Year Long When You Lay The Groundwork With The Help Of This Classic, Comprehensive Guidebook For K Teachers Day By Day And Week By Week, The First Six Weeks of School Shows You How To Set Students Up For A Year Of Engaged And Productive Learning By Using Positive Teacher Language To Establish High Academic And Behavioral Expectations Getting Students Excited About Schoolwork By Offering Engaging Academics And Teaching The Classroom And Academic Routines That Enable A Collaborative Learning Community To Thrive The First Six Weeks of School are the most important weeks for you and your students This span of time is dedicated to establishing routines, expectations, and a positive classroom environment Paula Denton helps break down each day during The First Six Weeks of School, and includes ideas for activities, learning goals, and games that make your classroom fun and engaging She also gives helpful information regarding various grade spans and what to expect from children at these ages This is such a wonderful guide for teachers, but especially new teachers who may need a little bit of a framework to assist in the start of a new school year.
I come from a teaching background where Harry Wong s The First of School was considered the holy text for starting the school year On my first day of starting school at my current district, the principal gave me The First Six Weeks I am now a convert This book provides so muchuseful information than greet every student at the door and smile to begin your school year As a matter of fact, I am skimming it now as a refresher before the new school year begins.
I didn t finish this book Part of that has to do with the fact that I got moved from 5th grade to 7th 8th grade while I was reading this Most of it really had to do with the fact that I lost interest in it The book has some great ideas don t get me wrong It just gets repetitive after a while I realize that s how parts of class are, but it felt odd reading relatively the same thing for every week I stopped in week 3 or 4.