[Melanie Dickerson] ☆ The Healer's Apprentice [plus-size PDF] Read Online ☆ While I still enjoyed this for the most part, there were a few things I didn t like about it I felt like some of the characters like Rose could be a little careless at times and put themselves in unnecessary danger for certain situations I was also spoiled for a major thing that happened in this book which could definitely be a reason why I was aggravated by some of the character s actions sometimes Since I saw everything at a different perspective, I don t think I can judge this book too harshly So don t let my minor complaints dissuade you from reading this book Even with being spoiled, I still enjoyed this story It was pretty cute in the end and I am definitely going to continue on with the rest of this series Especially since I already own all seven of the books in the series XD lol LOVED LOVED LOVED this A story of persevering love importance of honour, keeping your word and family, personal calling, along with true chivalry, makes a lasting impression on your mind and heart Rose is a beautiful and tender character I related to her very much She just wants to do what is right and have a loving family is that too much to ask for And Wilhem is the perfect gentleman I had a feeling of who the evil snake was yuck Great plot twists and turns making it a fast read DThe first in her Medieval Retelling Series, which catapulted us into her superb writing, touching stories that are clean and truly wonderful A must must must read for anyone who loves classic fairytale stories Two Hearts One HopeRose Has Been Appointed As A Healer S Apprentice At Hagenheim Castle, A Rare Opportunity For A Woodcutter S Daughter Like Her While She Often Feels Uneasy At The Sight Of Blood, Rose Is Determined To Prove Herself Capable Failure Will Mean Returning Home To Marry The Aging Bachelor Her Mother Has Chosen For Her A Bloated, Disgusting Merchant Who Makes Rose Feel IllWhen Lord Hamlin, The Future Duke, Is Injured, It Is Rose Who Must Tend To Him As She Works To Heal His Wound, She Begins To Understand Emotions She S Never Felt Before And Wonders If He Feels The Same But Falling In Love Is Forbidden, As Lord Hamlin Is Betrothed To A Mysterious Young Woman In Hiding As Rose S Life Spins Toward Confusion, She Must Take The First Steps On A Journey To Discover Her Own Destiny So many inaccuracies RTC It will be rather ranty.
Sweet Historical Romantic Christian Epic.
I wasn t impressed It isn t bad by any means but it s not that good.
Woah, hold up there, Hamlin You can t go around issuing unrealistic decrees that you break no less than two pages later, that everybody breaks with no consequences at the ball, and that apparently no longer matter till it s necessary for the story again This really annoys me Majorly You don t mention something that seems important and then have it no longer pertain in any way no less than two pages later He breaks it, Rupert breaks it, Gunther breaks it, I m betting all the boys of this town break this rule that Hamlin imposed for love of Rose but that apparently doesn t matter in the slightest.
And the romance I m so sick of Insta love, honestly And the constant mooning did not only cause heavy eye rolling, there was even actual facepalms.
Rose Oh my gosh, he s so masculine but he also is really nice and a noble and pays attention to me andand he is really good looking.
Hamlin She occupies my thoughts at all times I must stop thinking of her beauty and grace because I cannot ever have her, but I can t And then all that x14 is added to Rose semi turning her affections over to Rupert Why No one knows He s a lecherous jerk But then switch back over to Hamlin rolls eyes Oh, and so stick one element from Sleeping Beauty and you can call it a retelling How does that work Just because he has to kiss her to wake her up from the demonic spirits Oh, I haveon that later doesn t automatically make it a retelling.
On to the villain Sooo no motivations beyond demonic voices tell me I ve got to ruin her life That is just not acceptable And so Rose is forced to drink this potion, which gives her evil spirits Firstly, she would have had to be open to all that jazz for the spirits to be able to take over so that doesn t work And guess what Hamlin s approach to all this is Not even kidding It doesn t quite work that way But apparently it does And why does the kiss wake her up At least in the fairytale, and remember that these were notorious for not making sense, it made sense cause of the curse.
The Christian aspect, while admirable, was not that well done It pays to be subtle No one wants the heavy handed SHE S CHRISTIAN DO YOU SEE CHRISTIAN SHE MENTIONED GOD 24 TIMES THIS CHAPTER AND SHE PRAYED A LOT CHRISTIAN CHRISTIAN Let their examples andminimalprayer Heck, throw in a She s Christian lead us to that conclusion Don t shove it in our faces Hopefully, we ll be smart enough to deduce that.
There are far better fairytale retlellings out there Princess of the Midnight Ball, Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow, Cinder, The Storyteller s Daughter, Waking Rose to name a few that you d be better off reading.
Yet another that has made it my absolute faves shelf.
I have never read anything like this A christian fairy tale historical fiction but I mean, wow.
I adored this world and found myself really excited to get back to the audiobook It had me tearing up and beaming.
This book received a fair bit of criticism from other Goodreads members because of it s strong emphasis on Christianity and although I can see why that just isn t some people s cup if tea, it didn t bother me at all and in fact, it was fitting to the time period any way It was also nice for it be ROMANCE and LOVE not lust or purely sexual attraction I will definitely be carrying on with the series asap.
There was also a really strong ship in this book and I haven t shipped anyone that hard for a long time.
I very captivating, satisfying story.

Best book ever Best book I have ever read I couldn t put the book down It had so many twists and I love books with suspense in them She inspired me so much I have always loved writing and now I want to try and write a book again I shall have to continue this series I also love the medieval times.
My book It releases in September with Zondervan, a YA romance loosely based on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale Check it out I do so love a good clean romance novel And this book was a perfect example It was beautiful and romantic, a perfect Christian love story I really like books set in medievalish times, and this book was brilliantly researched and written It was pretty predictable, I knew who Rose was nearly from the beginning, but that didn t take away the joy I had of reading Wilhelm and Rose find this out for themselves I also liked how it was based loosley on Sleeping Beauty, and the true love s kiss.
sigh So perfect.