[Paramahansa Yogananda] » Autobiography of a Yogi (Self-Realization Fellowship) [littérature irlandaise PDF] Ebook Epub Download º One Book In Particular Stayed With Steve Jobs His Entire Life, Autobiography Of A Yogi The Guide To Meditation And Spirituality That He Had First read As A Teenager, Then Re read In India And Had read Once A Year Ever Since Huffington Post, Review Of Walter Isaacson S Biography Of Steve JobsFabulous Stories From His Life Keep The Reader Inspired, Informed, And Thoroughly Entertained From Beginning To End Yoga JournalThis Book Is A Must read For The Budding Yogi, The Spiritual Veteran Looking For A Deeper Understanding, And Everyone In Between Yogi Times Hailed As The Father Of Yoga In The West, Paramahansa Yogananda Is Regarded As One Of The Great Spiritual Figures Of Our Time Born In Northern India, He Came To The United States In , Where Forthan Years He Taught The Ancient Science Of Meditation And The Art Of Balanced Spiritual Living That Same Year He Founded Self Realization Fellowship, To Disseminate His Writings And Teachings Worldwide Through His Best Selling Classic, Autobiography Of A Yogi, And His Numerous Other books, He Has Introduced Millions Throughout The World To The Spiritual Principles Of Yoga Meditation And The Universal Truths Underlying All World Religions