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ALBUM CONTENTSF Couperin Les Coucous B N Voles C Petzold Menuett G Major C Petzold Menuett G Minor J F Dandrieu Gavotte En Rondeau GF H Ndel Gavotte G Major GF H Ndel Chaconne G Major JS Bach Marsch D Major JS Bach Menuett D Minor JS Bach Menuett G Major JS Bach Pr Ludium C Major BWVJ Haydn Menuett F Major W Duncombe Hunting Jig JB Vanhal Sonatina F Major WA Mozart Menuett KV E G Major WA Mozart Menuett KVF Major WA Mozart Allegro KVB Major WA Mozart The Sleigh Ride KV D Steibelt Adagio A Minor Attwood Sonatine G Major Lv Beethoven Sonatine G Major Lv Beethoven German Dance C Major Lv Beethoven German Dance G Major R Schumann Solidier S March, Op R Schumann The Merry Peasant, Op R Schumann Humming Song, Op F Chopin Polish Song C Gurlitt Theme With Variations, OpCLH K Hler Sonatine G Major P Tschaikowsky Old French Song, Op P Tschaikowsky The Sick Doll, Op P Tschaikowsky Dolly S Funeral, Op M Tajcevic Cantabile F Emonts Blues H Regner In The Cave G Nevada A Little Dreamy G Nevada When A Dream Drifts Away J Moser Rainy Day R Mohrs The Bewitched Dwarf Awakens R Mohrs Dance Of The Dwarfes R Mohrs A Song Of Hope M Schoenmehl Criminal Music M Schoenmehl The Somersault King M Schoenmehl Stimmton AHz Schott Music LtdThe Easy Concert Pieces Series Presents Easy Piano Pieces In Progressive Order These Pieces Are Intended To Complement A Piano Tutorial Method And Are Particularly Suitable For Performance At Auditions, Concerts, Competitions And Examinations They Offer Varied Repertoire In A Broad Selection Of Pieces From The Baroque, Classical, Romantic And Modern Eras VolumeExtends The Range To Two Octaves Pieces In VolumeSpan A Single Octave And Stay Within Fiver Finger Positions Hand Turns Crossing The Thumb Under , Pedal, Simple Polyphony And Three Or Four Part Chords All Feature In Volume , As Do Simple Ornaments, Playing Cantabile And Differentiating Between Melody And Accompaniment